What is Dropzone on your Huawei phone and how does it work?

If you are using Honor or Huawei smartphone which is running on EMUI, then you have probably heard of the term dropzone. You might get confused about dropzone and how does it work in your Huawei device.


Dropzone is basically a feature available in Android devices, it is a notification management feature that will allow you to limit stop the usage of bubble notification appearing in applications. 

Bubble notification is basically used by several powerful messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. The usage of the bubble notification is to allow the users to instantly tap on the notification and quickly view the messages.

It will work by allowing the screen overlay or even by preventing it from working in your device. 

If you are interested in using this feature, then you should use the guideline for enabling or disabling the dropzone feature in your Huawei devices.

  1. You need to locate the optimizer app; you will also find this app renamed as a phone manager.
  2. In the optimizer app, you will get to see the drop zone option.
  3. Tap on the option which will allow you to enable it for few apps installed in your devices. From this option, you can also disable it completely according to your preference.

You need to note that, this feature is only available in Huawei devices because it is a customized feature offered by the manufacturer of the device. You will not get to see this option in the regular settings menu, so you need to go to the optimizer app or the phone manager in order to use this feature in your device.

Even though apps like Facebook messenger offers floating messages disabling and enabling option right into the settings of the application itself. 

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In either way, you will get to use this feature in every device, but dropzone will allow you to customize this feature according to the app preference in your device. So, you can easily manage the floating heads in your device, you can either limit it or you can completely disable it.


You can disable the dropzone feature anytime using the similar steps which you have used for enabling the feature. This feature is somewhat similar to drawing over other apps, which is mostly available in Android devices.

This feature is one of the most useful features if you are using launchers, or any third-party gesture navigation system.