Download HTC Sync 3.3.53 & HTC Sync Manager Guide [How To]

Well, its been few days I was in need of some software that Sync all data between my droid powered HTC device and desktop computer. So I started Goggling, Guess what? Yeah ! I found this amazing free tool to sync all my file. Download HTC Sync Manager 3.3.53 as it is the best way to synchronize all your Contacts, Calendar Events, Web browser bookmarks and many more things(files) between device and Computer/Laptop/Mac. Its is available for almost every HTC phones models  from Explorer to Wildfire, Desire to its One Series. NOTE :  HTC Sync Manager is only availabe on selected devices


HTC Sync Manager Overview

1.  Sync in Style 

2. Best Back Manager for HTC phones

3. Lets you install third-party android app

4. Photo Editing Tool

5. Auto Synchronize

Top general HTC Sync FAQ


1. What is HTC Sync Manager?

– Basically, Its is a software that connect your computer with smartphone. It give power to excess your computer file from your smartphone and vice versa


2. What phone model does HTC  Sync manager support?

–  It supports  HTC Sense 4.0, 4+, 5.0 and above


3. How can I send photos or music to my phone by HTC Sync Manager?

– Procedure > Connect phone With Sync manager >> select photo or music you want to sent  >> simply hit on send button which  is the square icon with a plus sign next to it.


4. How can I update my HTC Sync Manager?

– Once you have installed this software, it will automatically check for the new updates available. For manual updates, better check the HTC website.


5. How do I change to a different language on the HTC Sync Manager?

– Procedure > Click on Menu icon >> go to languages >> select your preferred language


6. What document format does HTC Sync Manager support?



7.  How can I crop my photos on HTC Sync Manager?

–  Procedure >  Got to gallery >> Select photo and double click on it >> click on crop option available on upper right part of screen>>  Trim the photo by draging box as per your need>> click on apply and save it.


8.Which platform does the HTC Sync Manager support?

Windows XP 32 bit SP3,Windows Vista SP2 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Mac OSX Lion, Mac OSX Mountain Lion(10.8)


9.Where can I find the help manual on the HTC Sync manager?

– Procedure> Click on menu button on the upper right part of screen >> click on help.


10. How to uninstall HTC Sync Manager?

– Procedure

For Windows XP users> go to control panel from start menu>> click on ADD/Remove Program icon>> select HTC Sync Manager and click on Change/Remove button>> Select uninstall.


For Windows 7 users> Select My Computer from start menu>> click on Uninstall or change a program button>>  Right click HTC Sync Manager then click Uninstall


How to Download HTC Sync Manager? (Instructions)

  1. Click here to download “htc_sync_setup_3.3.53.exe” to your PC.
  2. Run “htc_sync_setup_3.3.53.exe” to install it to your PC, >>follow the Install Shield Wizard
    (Suggestion: Please close all running programs and temporarily exit your anti-virus program when you install the HTC Sync)
  3. Select the “Complete” Setup Type for faster and easier installation process, and then press “Install” to begin the installation. (For advanced users you could choose “Custom” to change the pre-defined shortcuts and the installed application folder path by your own.)
  4. After you saw the Install Shield Wizard Completed, please press “Finish” to exit the Wizard.