How to Download Facebook Videos for Free

The most popular social media platform, Facebook allows the sharing of photos, videos, and many other kinds of stuff with friends. However, Facebook has the option of saving videos on Facebook which can be watched on the web app with the help of the Internet. But Facebook does not allow you to download Facebook videos on your smartphone or computer device. So in this article, we will tell you the alternative to how to download Facebook videos for free.


Mark Zukerberg owned Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. The web app has revolutionized the entire concept of communicating with people. Being first in the business, Facebook has made it possible to connect with friends, family, and people living far or close to you. Facebook allows you to have private communication, watch favorite content, buy and sell items or just spend time with your community.

Facebook has updated itself so well that now it provides buy-sell marketplace for its users. The app allows you to list your own item for sale and conveniently communicate with buyers and sellers through Messenger. Up to a great extent, Facebook has helped people to make new friends and connect with people living far away.

People usually post lots of pictures and videos of their interest, making sure that their Facebook friends come to know about what they are doing. The mobile app of Facebook allows the user to save (download) photo on their devices. However, Facebook does not allow to download videos directly from their mobile app or web app. But there are many tools available online to download Facebook videos for free.

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Download Facebook Videos for Free

There are many tools available online which allow converting videos from Facebook to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files and download them for free. This service works for computers, tablets and mobile devices.

All you need to do is search for the best tool that can Download Facebook Videos for free and perform the following steps.

1) Open Facebook and search the video which you want to download. 

2) You need Facebook video URL/Link to download the video, so there are 2 ways to get the video URL: 

i) Click on the video then copy the URL from address bar as seen in the screenshot below:

ii) Right-click on the video which you want to download:

iii) Now, copy that URL

3) Now, open the video downloading tool, paste the video URL that you have copied in the search box and click on the “Download” button.

4) After that, your video is ready to download. You will be asked to select whether you want to download HD Video or SD video, choose whichever you want. That’s it!

Here, when the user copies the link/URL of the Facebook video, the FB video downloader server sends a request to Facebook and fetches the data from the FB page where the video is actually stored. After that, the Facebook video downloader script will crawl for the video uploaded on FB through the link and download it for you in High Quality.

When you download the videos using the online tools, the video will get downloaded in the recent download folders in your pc and similarly, for smartphones also FB videos will be saved in the download folder only.

Download Facebook Videos for Free Using Extensions

  • First, add video downloader extension to your browser
  • Then, you can go to the specific page on Facebook that contains the video file you want.
  • When you get to the page, you will see a “Download” (HD or SD) button. You’ll need to click it. You’ll be automatically taken back to the download page where you can save the video.

The extensions make downloading Facebook videos so easy that you just need to play the Video and hover a cursor on it, the Download button will appear in the right corner of the Video Player.

Depending on the quality of the video uploaded on Facebook by the owner, the Facebook video downloader tools or extensions will try best to provide you result in HD and SD quality both. You can choose from any of the options and save Facebook videos to your computer or smartphones for free. However, In some cases, the quality of videos might be poor as the video uploaded by the owner will not be of good quality.


The live videos cannot be downloaded instantly. To download live videos, all you need to do is wait until the live video gets over. After that, you need to perform the above-mentioned steps. Enter the link/URL of live video online in the Facebook video downloader and click on the download button.

In this way, you can download Facebook videos with ease for free using various tools and chrome extensions by following the steps mentioned above.