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Disable Blue Ticks (Read Receipts) Easily with WhatsApp Beta APK

Disable Blue Ticks (Read Receipts) Easily with WhatsApp Beta APK

by Abhishek VoheraNovember 15, 2014

Few days ago, WhatsApp came up with the new update of Read Receipts which let the sender know that receiver have read the message or not. This update have made much controversies all over the social and digital world. People have started finding hacks or tricks to disable this blue ticks also known as read receipts.

Many users used to make their data connection off and then read the message and used to try whatsapp plus to stop the bloody blue ticks. But the update from WhatsApp itself is have came up with the solution that you can now disable the blue ticks which will cost you just that you will also not be able to see anyone’s read receipts.

This have also happened earlier with respect to Last Seen , Status and the Profile Picture to enhance the privacy of the users. There are just few steps to remember to disable the blue ticks.

How To Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

  • Go to WhatsApp
  • Then Menu , and then Settings.
  • Go to Account
  • Tap on Privacy now and you will the following screen shown below.
  • Simply  remove selection from Read Receipts.
  • You have successfully disable blue ticks.

disable blue ticks

This is the simply and most easy way to disable blue ticks and avoid the fights with your friends and keep saying I have not read your message yet. So this is really smart move by whatsapp and it will soon come to Google Play Store. The Play Store host 2.11.432 version of WhatsApp, whereas you need the WhatsApp version 2.11.444 to disable blue ticks. It will take time to come to Play Store, by that time download it from here.

Download WhatsApp APK 2.11.444 to Disable Blue Ticks


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