How You Can Develop Android App Online Within Few Minutes

Android apps are everywhere and they serve us countless purposes. Most of us have a concept that creating an app means having knowledge of complex programming is must. Yes, it was few years ago, but now with the availability of numerous online app development tools anyone can develop android app online within few minutes. You can be an android app developer by following the below steps.


Develop Android App Online Now

1. Design the app

To develop android apps you have to focus on a thing, so decide the purpose of your app. It will help you out to figure out the target audience and also the types of features that you should add.

Create a rough sketch- Design is very important for an android app development as apps become famous by the design and usability also. Take some time and make initial sketches of each screen of the app. The sketches need not to be sharp and detailed but add all the information that you want to add in each screen. For better idea you can browse through Google Play Store and have a look at the similar apps.

2. Choose Online App Developing program

Large number of tools is available on the internet for android app developers. Some are free and some are expensive. You will get limited publishing options in most of the free tools but if you pay for a program then you will be able to publish it yourself. Here are some popular offline/online android application development tools:

  • Mobile Roadie
  • Appery
  • Appy Pie
  • The App Builder
  • AppMakr
  • MIT App Inventor

Before using any of these tools take an online tour of each tool, it will give you an idea about how it will work. So you will be able to understand which tool will be perfect for your needs.

3. Create your app

The first step to create your app is to signup to the program that you choose. Create an account there and then login to the program. You may require downloading the software or the android app development process may be done through the website. Start a new project after downloading or logging to the creation tool. The steps depend on the program but usually start with giving a name and description to your app.

You will be then asked to choose a color palette and a theme before the app building is began. These choices can be changed later when the application is under construction.

You may find options to add your own images but they should be 1024 x 768 pixel or vary from tools to tools you using. Now include prebuilt functions to your app, many different functions can be added such as calendar, podcasts, galleries, Facebook integration, and more. After adding functions you can customize each screen with your content and text. After the functions are added, adjust the layout of each screen and choose icons for the functions.

4. Conduct a test and release the app

Once adding features to the app and filling content is done, the next step is to build the app so that it can run on your android phone. The process depends on the program you choose. If the app is created using an online app creation tool then you may need to wait few minutes for the app to be constructed by the tool’s server.

You will be given an APK file that you can download on your phone. Set your phone to allow installation from any unknown sources by going to Security Menu. Some app creation tools will email the download link to your app and you can open it from your android phone. To develop android app online successfully you must also try and test APKs frequently and make it more user friendly & bug free.

Now test the app to make sure it is working properly. You can send the APK file to your friends so that they can test it. Fix the errors if you found any during testing.

5. Last step – publish app

The last step is publishing the app which depends on the program you have chosen. For free-service the app will be add-supported and most likely be available in the company’s app store. Premium options will let you publish the app directly to the Google Play store.


We hope you can now develop android app online / offline with keeping above tips in your mind, enjoy the best results. Also don\’t forget to share android app developed by you. Above Android team would love to give a try to your app. Do comment below with your links. If we like the app created by you, we will feature it too on our site.