How to Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently

One of the most popular and most addictive games, PUBG is played by millions of users all around the world. As there are hundreds of reasons to play this epic game, there are many factors that should be considered in order to stop playing the game. It has been observed that people who are madly addicted to this game have faced many health issues, behavioral changes, social isolation, and many other things. So if you are one of them who is very much addicted to PUBG then it is advised to delete PUBG Mobile account permanently.


PUBG has amazing gameplay and exciting features through PUBG Redeem Codes that attracts everyone to play the game. This game becomes such a habit that it will tempt you to play the game all day and all night long. So the basic solution to overcome the PUBG addiction is to delete PUBG Mobile account permanently. So, in this article, we are going to tell you easy steps for how to delete PUBG Mobile account permanently and also about the various threats that playing PUBG continuously can bring to you.

Why Delete PUBG Mobile Account?

If we look at the drawbacks or side effects of playing PUBG then it is quite dangerous. No one would ever want themselves to become such a person as it will harm an individual up to a great extent. There is no harm in playing the game to refresh your mind or to get relaxed. But it is obviously not the right thing to get addicted to it. It is observed that people who were madly addicted to the game faced similar kind of issues in their life.


As PUBG is an action-packed game and it involves fighting and killing the other players, it was observed that people who played PUBG for hours transformed themselves into angry and violent human beings. The mind of the players gets transformed in such a way that you always feel tense and relentless. So, if anyone is facing any kind of issue in their life then it is better to delete PUBG Mobile account.

Social Exclusion:

People who are so much engrossed in playing the game are often seen that they forget there is a real which exist outside the game. As the craze for the game increases step by step, they start to avoid meeting and talking to people including their family members. It is a very serious issue that is necessary to look upon. Social Exclusion will make you feel lonely and it will have a very negative impact on your social as well as personal life. So if you or your loved ones are having this problem then itis very much necessary to overcome it.

Step Towards Crime:

Multiple cases have been reported where teenagers would illegally take make from their parents or elders in order to make in-app purchases in PUBG. There have been also cases of fights where players wanted to kill each other just because of a game of PUBG. Also, it is observed that children attacked their elders or parents if they advise or force them to stop playing PUBG. These are just the instances of crimes, the list is way much bigger.

There are many more issues that has even taken the life of people because of the continous playing of game. It is a kind of a disease that may even take your life. So the best treatment to this disease is to delete PUBG Mobile account permanently.

Types of PUBG Players

There are basically two types of PUBG players. The first ones are the players who play PUBG Mobile. Most of the players of this type play the game using their smartphones, Android Tablets, iPADs or using emulators for PUBG. The other ones are those who play the legacy version of PUBG PC original from the Steam Server in their gaming PC or playing PUBG Lite. As there are two different types of PUBG players, the procedure to delete the PUBG Mobile account is also different for both the categories of players.

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently?

So let’s come to the main point for which you are here. If any of you are thinking that uninstalling the app will delete your PUBG Mobile account permanently then you are wrong. Uninstalling the app will just uninstall the app from your smartphone but the account details will be still present in the servers. The process to delete PUBG Mobile account is quite simple. It is not as difficult as you all might be thinking. So here we go.

Easy Steps to Delete PUBG Mobile Account:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile.
  2. Tap on the Gear(Settings) Button.
  3. Inside the Settings, Tap on BASIC option.
  4. Tap on the Delete Account option at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Don’t login for the next 7 days.

If you are a PUBG player, you must have either logged in using your Google account or Facebook account. So it is also necessary to delink our Google or Facebook account from the servers. So here is the guide to delink your accounts.


How to Delink PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook?

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Apps and Websites.
  4. Select the PUBG icon and tick the checkbox.
  5. Now tap on Remove.

How to Delink PUBG Mobile Account From Google?

  1. Go to Settings of your Smartphone.
  2. Tap on Google.
  3. Click on Connected Apps.
  4. Select PUBG Mobile.
  5. Tap on Disconnect.


Instead of providing that joy, if the game is harming you as a human then it is better to stop playing such games. The developers or the makers are never to be blamed, it is the players who have to understand how to manage the real-life and the virtual world. You can logout of the PUBG Mobile but if you are having an account then it will always urge you to play the game. So it is better to delete PUBG Mobile account permanently if you are not able to play the game for your benefits.