How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently

Paytm is currently the most popular payment app in India. After the demonetization, it became very popular as the government insisted everyone to go digital and prefer cashless transactions. Taking advantage of the situation, Paytm brought various schemes and strategies to make people install and use Paytm. After that Paytm has brought various features and services to its app. It has various services like e-shopping, booking online tickets, buying gold, paying various kinds of bills, linking bank accounts, etc.


Earlier when the app was in its early days, people had various Paytm accounts registered with different mobile numbers. But later, the government brought a rule of completing the KYC of any online wallet website or application that you will use for making money transactions. So people who have more than one account need to verify them. So you need to delete the other accounts. So here are some different ways on how to delete Paytm account permanently.

Ways to Delete Paytm Account Permanently

Method 1: How To Delete Paytm Account Directly From Paytm Application

  1. Download the latest Paytm app from the app store and login to the account you want to delete.
    Go to the profile section on the app and click on “24×7 Help”.
  2. Select “Managing my Paytm account” from the screen that follows.
  3. Then click on the option that says “I have lost my phone/changed my number”.
  4. Then select “I need to block my account”.
  5. Note: You will need a valid reason to disable your Paytm account. You cannot use this option to free up your Adhaar for doing KYC in another account.
  6. In order to proceed, you will need to click on “Message us”.
  7. On the next screen, type in a valid reason for blocking your account. For example:” I have lost my phone so I need to block my account”. You will also need to provide your Paytm account details and attach a screenshot of a transaction made on that account, an email transcript or any transaction message received for that account.
  8. Then click on submit.
    After a couple of days, your Paytm account will be deactivated.
    You can also do this on their website. Just log in to your account on the Paytm website and follow the above steps to disable your account.

Method 2: How To Delete Paytm Account By Sending an Email to their Customer Care

  1. Send an email from your registered email ID to explaining the reason you want to delete your Paytm account.
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  3. Give the details such as your Paytm registered mobile number and email ID.
  4. Attach screenshots of some transactions made using that account to prove that the account belongs to you.
  5. Your account will be deactivated within two days of sending the email.

So here are two different ways to delete Paytm account permanently. However, in reality, the account just gets blocked which can be further unblocked with the help of customer care.