How to Delete Downloads on Android

Downloading is one of the most used features for internet accessed devices. Most of the downloads are done on smartphone devices, due to the easy access all the time. As the majority of the smartphone users are having Android operating system in their device, so most of the users are downloading files in their Android devices. Although you may be required to delete downloads on Android devices for clearing the memory or the file may be no longer required. In this article, we will discuss how to delete downloads on Android devices.


Guide to Delete Downloads on Android:

Use these following guidelines to delete downloads on Android devices. Read the guidelines carefully before making these changes in your Android devices.

  1. Open the app list of your Android device by swiping up on the Android home screen. This procedure may be different in different Android devices.
  2. From the app list, you need to select the download option. If your Android device is not having any downloads option in your app list, then you should go for the file manager applications like files for my files and then go to the downloads option from there.
  3. Now a long list of download file will open up on your screen.
  4. Tap and hold to select multiple items which you want to delete from your Android devices.
  5. After you are selected all the files which you want to delete from your Android device, you need to tap on the delete option from the top right corner of the screen. The delete icon is the dustbin icon which you can see in the top right corner of the Android device.
  6. Now the device will once again confirm with a popup window to make sure you want to delete those selected items.
  7. Tap on the ok button to confirm the deleting process on your Android devices.

Guide to Delete Downloads from Web Browsers:

In most of the cases, we usually download various files using web browsers, in that case, you can download those files directly from the web browser without searching them in your file manager system.

  1. First, you need to open the web browser which you use most for downloading various files in your Android devices.
  2. After the web browser opens up in your device, tap on the three vertical dots to open the menu. The opening the menu on a different web browser is having a different method.
  3. From the dropdown menu select the downloads option in order to continue.
  4. After the downloads section opens up in your Android device, you will get to see all the files which you have downloaded using the web browser.
  5. You can tap on the three vertical dots available beside each downloaded file on the web browser.
  6. Delete as many files as you can depending on your choice. This file will also get deleted from the internal storage of your Android device, so make sure about deleting them before performing the above steps in your Android devices.
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