How To Defend Yourself from the Robot HeroRat Trojan

The HeroRat Trojan is a robotic virus that misuses the Telegram messaging protocol on Android devices. It helps hackers to gain control over your device.


How do you prevent this? How do you ensure that you are safe from this virus? This article will help you to achieve that.

HeroRat is one of the latest Trojan viruses that have been trending for some time now. The Trojan virus makes use of Telegram protocols to establish a connection between the server your device is connected to and the hacker. It is considered a very harmful virus.

The HeroRat was reported by the security community. The code on which it runs was recently released to the public, so some web experts were able to examine it. The major targets are android users.

How does this Trojan work?

The hackers make uses of enticing offers to trick users; they promise them free bitcoins, more followers on their social media accounts and free internet connection to their users. Unfortunately, some people fall for their tricks without thinking twice.


On installation, the application asks for the user’s permission to;

  1. Clear the device’s data
  2. Reset the device password/login detail.
  3. Make changes to the password settings
  4. Manipulate how the screen locks
  5. Monitor device unlocks attempts

The unique characteristic of the Trojan virus is that it makes use of telegram protocols for its operation. The connection leverages on using Telegram’s bot functionality. The hacker would have access to perform quite some number of operations which include; Switching on/off of the android device, Record voices, control the contact list, send messages from the device, install and uninstall unknown applications, have access to the device’s location, place calls, control the device’s volume and brightness, control the device’s gallery and reset the factory’s settings.

Getting under the HeroRat Trojan’s surface

Basically, the HeroRat Trojan virus has access to virtually all the contents on your device. Android users need to protect themselves against the harmful virus. How can they go about that? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Be careful of installing from unknown sources: These viruses are in-built among some other applications so you should not download and install applications from unknown sources. Read reviews and check the developer out before installing. Your device gets infected through a third-party medium, so do not accept attractive offers that pop up on your device.
  2. Check out the application permission request: Android users are advised to read the application’s permission request well before granting them access to the device system.
  3. Install Antivirus software: Prevention is better than cure; you should have good and powerful antivirus software installed on your devices (both old and new ones). This software will detect this type of malware and destroy them. However, it is not enough to have this software installed alone; you need to keep them updated.

What should I do if I notice bad software on my computer?

Once you notice malware on your computer, the following steps are advised:

  1. Disconnect from the internet immediately to make sure that the malware is no longer transmitting data to a third party.
  2. Erase all stored cache and Temp files
  3. Install an effective Anti-malware software
  4. Run an in-depth scan to detect and remove all traces of infection.

Talking about Anti-malware, not all can discover the HeroRat Trojan virus. This is why it is essential to get the best to guarantee maximum security for your Android device.

Start fighting Trojans with these helpful protection tips

When protecting yourself from Trojans, there are a lot of areas of vulnerability to consider. What application is best for you to use? Here are some helpful programs that can help:

Defending with Bitdefender

This antivirus provides real-time protection against malicious software. It helps to scan e-mail messages and label them as safe/dangerous before you open it.

  • Launch the Bitdefender application.
  • Click on the protection icon and view the different modules
  • Navigate your way to advanced settings to access the available scanning options. You can set it to scan only applications, targeted files, archives, emails, new files, and keyloggers.

You can select the startup option to make it run immediately you put on your device. The Bitdefender allows you to deny access to some application’s permission and take the necessary quarantine process.

The Power of Norton Antivirus

The Norton antivirus works with a technology that compares the file with an already stored set of principles in its database to detect threats. Viruses mutate and that is why Norton Antivirus makes use of a different approach which is called “a cloud-based approach”

What does the antivirus offer?

  • Behavioral technology to detect new threats
  • Reputation analysis
  • Protects your internet connection from intruders
  • More secured data protection

The Norton Antivirus software helps to protect your device by performing constant scans as you browse the internet, download files from unknown sources and get emails from other parties. You need to update your Antivirus regularly so stay secured.

Moving forward with protected devices

Android device users are being notified about this virus that manipulates device settings. Have you encountered HeroRat before on your device? How did you go about removing it? Kindly share your thoughts with us.