How To Clear Clipboard On Android In 2020

It is kind of difficult to find how to clear clipboard on Android, but do not worry we have an easy and simple solution to offer you. It may make your phone a bit slow or laggy if there is too much information stored on the clipboard. You can clear the clipboard on android easily if you follow the instructions given properly.


What is Clipboard?

A clipboard on an Android device is a small area of storage or memory which is used to save small items. It is not an application so it cannot be opened ore directly accessed by the user. When you copy a text or an image it is temporarily stored on the clipboard and when you long-press in a text area field you can paste the text or image that you have copied. Some devices have the functionality to store up to 10 clipboards but others overwrite when you copy new text or object.

There are many ways to clear clipboard on android

1. You can reboot your phone and the data stored in the clipboard will be deleted. But let’s be frank, we are not going to reboot every time when I want to clear clipboard on Android device.

2. Clearing the cache files of the application from where you have copied the data on your clipboard.

3. Using an application that can manage data on your clipboard.

As we are starting the steps, Please follow these instructions side by side so that it is very easy for you to achieve your goal.

Steps to clear clipboard on Android (Deleting cache Files)

1. Open settings from you app drawer

2. Select manage application from the settings

3. Go to the application from which you have copied the data to the clipboard

4. There is an option to delete cache for the application so tap on it.

Boom! You have now learned to clear clipboard on android using this method. You have not only just deleted the data on the clipboard but also trashed files that you did not need. Cheers on completing this method and following steps properly!

Steps to clear clipboard on Android (Using apps)

We are going to look at 2 apps that will help us manage data and clear clipboard on android.

1. Clipper – Clipboard Manager

Clipper is a powerful application that automatically saves everything you copy. You can access your copying history whenever you need it and clear the clipboard data if you do not want it. You can also make a note or copy links and organize them however you want. It is the easiest solution to clear clipboard on android. You can also get quick access to the application in your notification bar so it is very easy and quick to open the application and access it.

Developer: rojekti
Price: Free

2. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Using Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard it is very easy and simple to clear clipboard on android device. You have an option to select the clipboard from your keyboard and you can delete them after selecting the clipboard option. By using this method, your stock keyboard will be changed to Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard, it also has more features and functionality for better use. You even have the option to personalize your keyboard. It is also an intelligent keyboard who learns your writing style and provides you suggestions accordingly.

Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free


So here we have prepared a solution for you to clear clipboard on android device. If you are stuck in between or not able to clear then do let us know in the comment section below, we will try to help you as soon as possible. Cheers if you got what you were looking for and accomplished solving your query completely!