How To Disinfect Cell Phone & Clean Phone Screen


You always carry smartphone wherever you go. So it’s quiet often your phone is affected with dirt and bacteria. In this post about how to disinfect cell phone & clean phone screen we will guide you to keep your smartphones germs and dirt free. Study have found cell phone are the most frequent things you touch in day to day routine. Here the chance of dirt and germs increase. So remember that these expensive gadgets can be easily damaged by dirt. This damaged can be pre-cure by cleaning your smartphone properly and safely. Also germs on phones are very dangerous and should be cleaned off.

Tips To Disinfect Cell Phone & Clean Phone Screen


Create a habit of wiping it.

This technique is familiar among us. Many of us are using this technique. Wiping your smart phone with a micro fibre cloth is the best you can do. Avoid paper napkins, towels, etc as it cannot clean gaps, buttons and other narrow parts of device. Would suggest you to wipe your phone on regular basis. Daily cleaning smartphone habit increase phone life and keeps dirt, germs free.

Use Cotton swabs and toothpicks to clean it.

Wiping your phone is not only you should prefer. Still there are some spaces which are remained unclean. Audio jack, speaker, microphone jack, camera, area under battery and cover etc are still left to clean. Use a cotton swabs in those difficult area which are not cover during wiping. Dry cotton swabs are preferred with light pressure to avoid damage while cleaning. Toothpicks helps to clean in narrow gaps like space between screen and body. With a point ahead it makes easy to clean.

Avoid household cleaning chemicals.

Never make a mistake of cleaning smartphone screen with household cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. Household cleaning chemicals are harsh in nature and may result in stain on Smartphone. We recommended Smartphone screen cleaning liquid for your phone. Always avoid unnecessary cleaning chemicals. Phone screen cleaning liquid are special meant for removing dirt and fingerprints from screen.

UV sanitizers are worth investing it.

Still you are not satisfied or you are really germaphobe? Well, You can prefer investing in gadget that kills germs with the UV Light. By placing your phone under UV sanitizer can kill all the germs. But it can’t prevent your device from sticking further germs. UV sanitizers are actually worth buying. PhoneSoap is best UV smartphone sanitizer available on Amazon for 60$. PhoneSoap not only helps to disinfect cell phone but also charge it.

Don’t forget to clean your headphone and mobile case too?

Still half a battle left. Wipe your each bud of headphones with wet cloth or cotton swab. Wipe headphone wire with wet cloth. If using mobile case, it also has to cleaned. If your phone case is made of silicon material, we recommend to keep it under hot soap-water for 30 minutes. Phone cases made of plastic, fiber etc can be clean usually with wet cloth.

FUN FACT: Did you know? Your phone contain roughly 25000 bacteria each sq inch.

Your phone is dirtier than these 5 objects

As per the Mashable video report,

  • Toilet seat per square inch – 1200 bacteria
  • Kitchen counter per square inch -1736 bacteria
  • Pet food dish per square inch – 2100 bacteria
  • Check-out screens at ATM’s and shopping malls have 4500 bacteria per square inch
  • Doorknob per square inch – 8643 bacteria

We hope this article about how to disinfect cell phone and clean phone screen was helpful. Do let us know your views and ideas about cleaning smartphone and keeping it dirt, dust, germs and bacteria free. If you find this post informative, please consider sharing this about about smartphone cleaning tips with your friends on Facebook and twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe our mailing list.


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