How To Charge Your Android Phone Faster [Tips & Tricks]

Android is one of the greatest platforms for mobiles that had brought revolution to the gadget world. A mobile phone without an Android Operating system installed on it is of no use. Android smart phone had become a trend these days. Every sixth mobile user around the world is using Android smart phone and about 88% of smartphone  user are having Android Smartphone. But, most of the android users have a common complaint. They generally complain about the poor charging capacity of Android smart phone.


Sometimes, the charging capacity of Android smart phone goes low, due to charging from unoriginal charger, continuous usage of phone, battery going dead several times, and many such reasons. These are some reasons that prevent your Android smart phones to charge faster. But if you wish to charge your android smart phone quickly, you need to follow some tips. These are as follows:

Tips To Charge Your Android Phone Faster :

* Make Sure you are charging from Original Charger

You must be sure that you are using the original phone charger that had come up with your phone. Also ensure that your phone is connected properly with the wall outlet. You must not plug in your phone to laptop or computer in order to charge your phone.

* Turn on Airplane Mode

You must enable the airplane mode on your smart phone to ensure the faster loading. You can turn on the airplane mode in several ways depending on the device you are having. Lock your device in the airplane mode. This ensures that you won’t receive any calls, SMS, internet etc till the phone is in airplane mode. Charge your phone in Airplane mode with the original charge for efficient charging.

* Turn off Unnecessary features like Vibration, Wi-Fi, 3G and Other Features

You must check that whether you have unnecessary features like Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth etc on or off. If these features are on without any use then you must close them and prevent such things repeating themselves. You can then charge your phone and see quick charging.

* Do not allow your battery to go dead

You must check that your smart phone must not get switch off automatically due to low battery. Make sure your mobile battery is at least 5 percent before you start charging. So do not allow your phone battery to go dead completely. There is a good android app named as Du battery Saver

, which really helps you manage your battery easily.

* Charge Phone after switching it off

To see faster charging, you can even charge your phone after switching it off completely and then charging it with original phone charger. This method really helps you to charge your phone faster scene no processing is done by your phone, which helps to charge your Android phone faster.