Secrets of Android M # 1 : How To Change Quick Settings

As we all know Google released the Developer preview of Android M soon after the I/O 2015 for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. If you own one of these devices and want the developer preview then go ahead and check out our previous article on “How to Get Android M”. Android M isn’t such a big deal as android Lollipop was because this update will cover all the minor changes on your device. However you can check out the complete detail about Android M here.


So now coming to the point How can you change your “quick setting” settings on Android M, I’m pretty sure most of you won’t even know about this feature. In fact, even I had no clue that this is possible on Android M. But I finally managed to get hands on this feature by exploring the developer option in Settings.

System UI tuner allows you to change the position of settings shortcut which are on your navigation bar. You can also add or remove settings as per your wish. So let’s check out the steps you need to customize your quick settings.

  • Go to “Settings” and scroll down to “About

  • Tap and click the “Built number” multiple times to enable the “Developer mode

  • Go to “Developer mode” and find the “Show SystemUI Tuner
  • Turn it on and go back

  • You’ll find a new settings option below the “About Ph one”
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  • Go to “System UI Tuner” and customize it as your wish!

This Feature as we all know is a part of Developer preview so expect a lot of Crashes and Lags, However its still worth trying

This was one of the Secrets of Android M which was very much needed as all the Third party Android OS like Samsung Touchwiz or HTC sense already provides this feature. With this feature you can manage your quick settings. Stay tuned for more Secrets of Android M.