How to Change Fonts on Any Android Smartphone

Recently we shared an article on How to change icons on Android! I hope you all tried it out and are having fun customizing your Android. Today I’m here again with another awesome trick to give a whole new look to your Android Smartphone, by changing the fonts on your Android Smartphone. However, it’s really sad that this trick doesn’t work on all the smartphone unless you have a root access. This trick will basically work only on Samsung smartphones and HTC smartphones without root access.


Check out the video tutorial:

You can only change the fonts if you have a font style option in your display setting, I’m  using nexus 5 and I’m really disappointed that , it doesn’t have this feature but no issues you can change your font in Any Android device if you have root access. So basically this article is divided in two parts which is:

  • A- How to change fonts without Root
  • B- How to change fonts with Root

Method A- How to change fonts without Root:

This trick won’t work on all the smartphone; it will only work on smartphones which support the change of Font feature. You also need to make sure you have external fonts installed on your smartphone; you can easily get fonts on your smartphone by just installing the font pack apps on PlayStore. Simply type Font packs on PlayStore and you’ll get list of Fonts, select the once you like and hit install.

Finally, after downloading the desired font, these are the steps you need to follow which will change the fonts on your smartphone!
Step 1- Go to Settings
Step 2- Scroll down to display settings

Step 3- Go to the font style options in the Display setting

Step 4- You’ll find that you are giving 4-5 options from which you can select the font.

This is how you change the fonts on your smartphone if it already supports the feature of changing fonts. This will always work on most of the Samsung devices and HTC devices.

Now coming to the people whose smartphone does not support the feature of changing fonts. Basically if it doesn’t the simple way you need to tweak your Android, and yes by tweak I mean root it. Rooting doesn’t have any particular method that we can cover; every smartphone has its own way of getting Root access. So we suggest you to Google “How to Root [name of your device]” and preferably go to the XDA developers link.

So now, assuming that you have successfully rooted the smartphone, here’s how you change the Fonts

Method B- How to change fonts on Snapchat with Root:

This method doesn’t require any ROM; it only requires the Root Access. You can check if your smartphone has Root access or not by clicking here
Step 1- Download ifont application from the Google PlayStore or Click here!
Step 2- Run the application, it’ll ask for the SuperSu permission grant it. [If you don’t grant access this trick won’t work]
Step 3- Select the font which you want to use on your smartphone, it has a very good preview menu so you can make sure which font looks the best, I personally like the Museo 300 font on my smartphone

Step 4- Once you have decided which font you need to install on your device, click the download button to download the font and then it’ll be automatically installed on your smartphone.

Step 5- Once you apply it on your device, it’ll ask for a reboot which will make sure that the font is installed to the core of your device. You can delay the reboot process but you cannot have fonts changed unless you do the reboot


That’s pretty much on How to Change fonts on Android, I hope you liked this article, feel free to share it with every Android owner. Also comment below if you have any query relating to changing fonts