How To Change Fonts in WhatsApp While Chatting

Many time we thinks to change fonts in WhatsApp while chatting to someone. Not you? I am sure, ever you thought the same ever while using WhatsApp. After seeing same and same fonts style from starting we all get bored with default font in our phone. If you see any stylish font in our friends or some else’s phone, we too wish to do the same. But how? There are two ways you can choose. Either change Font of your whole Android phone or just change your WhatsApp font.


Changing Font style in Android is a little tough process because you need to root your phone and that’s not so easy. Even many people don’t wants to ruin their phone warranty by rooting it. In this case, you can complete your wish just by changing font in WhatsApp app. Is it possible? Yes, even it is very simple task. What are the requirements to do this? No need to worry about, you can change font in your WhatsApp in any Android phone. In this article, I will shout step by step, how to change Fonts in WhatsApp. By following this procedure, you can change fonts again and again in your WhatsApp, whenever you gets bored with old one.

Even a newbie who is not a techie, can follow this tutorial and easily change fonts in WhatsApp. There is no need to gain enough knowledge for doing this type of simple tasks on Android platform. Well, as you all knows there is no feature available in WhatsApp by default to change font styles. But you can do this using any WhatsApp MOD app. Maybe you have ever heard about WhatsApp Plus. If not then no problem. Let you know, it is one of the most popular WhatsApp MOD in the world. It contains lots of amazing features which are not available in official WhatsApp. And and and.. it also have default font change feature. Means it is very helpful for you

Requirements to Change Fonts in WhatsApp:

If you are thinking, this process is going to be very hard then you are totally wrong. There is nothing hard in changing font styles in WhatsApp. After checking all the requirements for this tutorial, you will came to know how easy it is. Here is the list of all the required things which you are going to use in this trick:

    • An Android Phone
    • WhatsApp Plus
  • Internet Connection

That’s it. Yeah, you are right, these are the only 3 things which you required to change fonts in WhatsApp. I know there is nothing special requirement for this tutorial but it was my duty to make this process more easy for you. That’s why I shared this list. Now, whenever you are ready with all required things, you can proceed to the main steps given below.

How to Change Fonts in WhatsApp?

It is time to answer your question directly. But, at first make sure you have already checked Requirements section shared just above. Well, there is nothing special in that section but you have to download an Apk on your device which I have shared there. When you are ready with all items which you are going to use, you can start following steps given below.

1) First of all, you need to uninstall WhatsApp app from your phone which you have already installed. Because it is not possible to run two WhatsApp Apps with same phone number. If you want to make new account with different number then you can use both the apps.

2) Then download WhatsApp Plus Apk in your phone.

3) Install and Open WhatsApp Plus App, you will get it in download folder.

4) Enter Phone number and proceed to next steps to ready your account.

5) Click on Top Right Corner and then on GBSettings button.

6) Scroll down a bit and click on Change App Font.

7) Now, select your desired font style and click on Load Font button.

Voila!! You has successfully changed fonts in WhatsApp.

These are the only steps you have to follow. Isn’t it simple? Yeah! In fact anybody can change their WhatsApp font within 2 minutes through this method.


Final Words

In this way, you can easily change Font in WhatsApp. I don’t think it is hard or there is something make you confused in this tutorial. All you need is a WhatsApp Plus which and nothing else. Now, you can change Font style unlimited times with new ones whenever you get bored with old one. This method can be work on any Android phone running on 4.0+ Android version. You can also enjoy lots of other cool features in this Mod apk. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to comment below.