How to Change Alexa Language to Hindi 2020 (New, Best & Easy)

Alexa has been appreciated a lot from these past few years. It is the only AI assistant that has been able to give a competition to Google Assistant. With Hindi being added as a supported language, we can now change Alexa language to Hindi. Alexa is now enabled in various devices including speakers, smart displays, and smartphones. Some fo these devices offer a builtin facility for Alexa. For a long time in Alexa, Indian users only had one option to interact with Alexa which was coined by Amazon as Indian English. It is actually the way Indians speak with a bit dif different accent than the US or UK.


The company had started to roll out the 4th most spoken language in the world ie. Hindi. Alexa can now understand commands in Hindi and respond back in the same language.

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How did Alexa Learn Hindi?

Amazon utilized it’s current Alexa skill called Cleo to publicly support the language-learning for the AI. The Cleo Alexa aptitude prompts people to talk certain expressions in various dialects, for example, Hindi, German, Italian, and so on. At that point, it applies every one of these learnings techniques to Alexa, improving it at understanding a language and its varieties.

This is truly like how most AIs are prepared. One truly famous case of publicly supported AI preparing is the means by which Google prepared its picture acknowledgment AI by having individuals on the websites distinguish things like a junction, trees, and vehicles in CAPTCHA tests to demonstrate that they are people, not bots.

Steps to Change Alexa Language to Hindi

Alexa have now rolled out the exciting Hindi support for its Indian users. The new support will now allow you to communicate with Alexa in Indian English, Hindi, or Hinglish(combination of Induan English and Hindi). So let’s see how to change Alexa language to Hindi:

1. Open Alexa application on your phone which you used to configure Alexa enabled devices

2. Go to Settings>Device Settings

3. Choose your device in which you want to change Alexa language to Hindi

4. In device settings find for the language option and tap on it

5. You will get a list of supported languages , select Hindi

Cheers! you have successfully learned to change Alexa language to Hindi.

Though after a year Alexa came out with its support for the Hindi Language than Google Assistant, it came with a lot of precision and training for its AI. We have personally tried this Hindi language with our Echo Dot Device and we are glad to say that it is incorporated amazingly.



So we hope that you have learned how to change Alexa language to Hindi you can use the same steps to switch to any other language. If you are facing any difficulties then do let us know in the comment section below, we will try to help you as soon as possible.