How to Easily Backup Contacts in Android in 2020

If you want to backup contacts in Android devices, then we have got the complete information about it in this article. Stop transferring contacts manually from one phone to another, even most of us ask for the numbers of friends in various social media networks. You can use different methods to backup contacts in Android devices. Before you proceed further with the steps, you need to note that different smartphone device manufacturers organized their settings and their names differently.


Android Device Contact Backup to Google Account:

The best way to back up your contact in Android devices in your Google account. Each and every Android device is logged in with Google account, due to the Google account being completely integrated into the operating system you can use it for backup purposes. So, you can easily backup your Android contacts calling these steps. With this procedure, you can easily get back all the Android contacts once you log in with the same Google account which is used for contact backup. So, it is the best way to protect your data in case your phone gets lost, there are some issues or even your device is damaged. This procedure is made we need it once you are changing your Android handset. So, use the below-mentioned method to back up your contacts.

  1. Go to the settings app of your Android device and select the account option from the list.
  2. Now you need to locate your Google account or Gmail account.
  3. Select the Google account once you located on your accounts page.
  4. Go to the account sync option where we will get various accounts to sink in your Google ID.
  5. From the list, you need to enable the contact option which will automatically sync your Android contacts using your internet connection.

Backup Contacts in Android by using SD Card or USB Storage:

In most cases, if you are not interested in uploading your contact details in the cloud storage, then you can always use the SD card or USB storage to backup contacts in Android devices. It is one of the most secure ways to backup your Android contacts in an external storage system. All of the Android devices are having SD card support, so basically you will be having easier access in backing up your contacts in your SD card. Use the following method for backing up contacts in SD card or USB storage device.

  1. First, you need to launch the contacts application in your Android device.
  2. Now you need to open the meaning of the contacts application and select the settings option.
  3. Open the settings option you need to click on the import/export option.
  4. Now select the location where you want to back up your contact to be stored.
  5. Follow the instructions shown on the Android screen to complete the backup process.
    Android Device Contact Backup to SIM Card: SIM cards can also be used for backing up contacts in Android devices, the process is much similar to the SD card or USB storage system. Use the following guidelines for backing up contacts in the SIM card.
  6. Open the contacts application and go to the settings from the menu option.
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  8. Now you need to select the Import/Export option from the settings.
  9. Select the SIM card option to continue.
  10. Now follow the instructions shown on the Android screen and backup your contacts in your SIM card.


This was the step to step guide for How to Backup Contacts in Android smartphones. If you are facing any kind of problem in the above mentioned procedure then let us know in the comment section below.