Giveaway 3 : Andru Android Robot USB Travel Charger Worth 25$

After the Grand Success of the Giveaway # 2 , here is the Giveaway # 3 which you all are waiting for. The Giveaway # 3 is a Smart Andru Android Robot USB Travel Charger. This is the product of a company GEN. The GEN Makes various products for smartphone and the Giveaway # 3 is a major product of Gen. The Product is also called as Andru.


Andru is a spectacular phone charger made especially for Android phones, though he\’ll gladly charge any phone or USB-powered device. His included cable has a micro-USB plug, but you can use your own if your device requires it. Let him keep you company at your desk, playfully tousle his antennae, tell him your problems. He\’s here for you.

Andru is a 1A/5V output standard USB charger.  He comes with a display stand that he can stand in when he is not charging a device.  His arms are movable and his antennae are flexible.  He also comes with a 4 ft datat cable with a micro-USB connector that also has a 4-raised-dot design so you can tell which is the correct way to insert the cable to your device.  His eyes light up when charging and change color when the charge is complete.

The winner will get a choice to select the color of Andru from Green, White, Black and Pink. Huge Thanks to the Gen for supporting us. You can also check for this product on Amazon from here.

The Rule of Give away are as follows:

  • Join the Giveaway by using Facebook login or by using email address.
  • Follow all the steps And share the referral link to get more entries (Points)
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  • The Winner win be announced after 2 days from the giveaway ends
  • The user with maximum Entries will win the Giveaway

The giveaway will end on 21st July and the winners will be announced on 25th July 2013

Some More Images of the Smart Andru are here: