Giveaway 2 : Sony Ericsson LiveView MN800 Android Smart Watch

Warm Welcome Friends, after writing a review of the Android Smart watch many of the +Above Android readers suggest me to organize a giveaway of this smart watch over here. It was a very easy call for me to take a decision on it. So guyz Today we are announcing a Giveaway # 2 on Above Android.


So without wasting much time here is the giveaway, Sony Erricson LiveView MN800 Smart Android Watch. If you are new to the website, then visit my last post regarding the review of this product. For more details about this watch visit : Review Of Sony Ericsson Live View Smart Android Watch MN800

I personally using this watch in my day to day life, and would feel good if our readers win this giveaway and accompany me wearing this android smart watch.

Rule of Giveaway :

  • Join the Giveaway by using Facebook login or by using email address.
  • Follow all the steps
  • And share the referral link to get more entries(Points)
  • The Winner win be announced after the giveaway ends
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The giveaway will end on 22nd June and the winners will be announced on 25th June 2013