Will Pokemon Go’s Popularity End Just Like Other Apps?

Pokemon Go has been a sensation since it’s arrival over the past week. So, how many have you caught till now? Which level are you on? Did you catch Pikachu yet? People are going bananas over the concept of this game and has brought in a revolution of it\’s own kind in the world of gaming. It has managed to woo a huge number of people and has grossed quite a few million in the process. And it has taken the social network with a storm. It would be hard for all of you to not notice the Pokemon  Go  related updates in your feeds of Facebook and Twitter as it has just blasted to fame in this last week all over the world. Well, we have seen many other games like this come to this level of fame but not many of those lasted for a longer tenure.


Is Pokemon Go here to stay? Will it be bigger than anything else that has ever been?Let\’s try to look at some of these things through this write-up:-

Where is Pokemon Go So Far?

Forget the gaming apps, this app has been trending so much so that it has left behind most of the big names.Here’s what CB insight said about it:-

According to a CB Insights report, Pokemon Go could go the way that apps such as Ello, Meerkat and Yo app. Meerkat is not very popular in India but is a streaming app which has been downloaded and used by millions of users.Well we’re all ashtonished to see such numbers just within a week.And this type of response by the people, is a feat that has never been achieved ever.

Let’s compare and see where Pokemon Go stands in front of some of the gaming apps then:-

We all loved Candy Crush Saga, didn’t we? Most of us would get irritated when we received facebook requests from our friends but we all did actually install it and tried our hand’s with it. Guess what! Pokemon Go has left our beloved game behind as well. The stats say it all.

When we look at gaming apps and draw out a comparison, Pokemon-Go is a clear winner and we see that it\’s popularity is topping all the charts.The surveys depict that game is a ahead of the competition by quite a big margin.

Android Play Store has seen huge download volumes even though the game is yet to be launched in Asia.The numbers coming in from the US and Australia are staggering and speaks volumes aout the popularity of the game. The number of downloads that have been there through the Play Store from these countries tell us the magnitude of this success story.

What’s Above Android’s Take?

This game has been an all time hit and it has really appealed to all the people who grew up watching the animated series of Pokemon.Infact it’s growing so much that people who never watched the show are learning about it and finding it cool. An uber cool concegeo-tagging and over the top response from the crowd. This is as big as it gets. I say Game-on!!Gotcha!!


The big question would still be, is it here to stay?Or just like the moon which diminishes in size as the days pass,this popularity will die out?What\’s your ta ke?Do let us know from your comments.