The Ultimate Review of FAU-G in Less Than 5 Minutes

We have all been waiting for the release of the Game FAU-G since it’s an announcement in September and finally, after a lot of delays, the game has finally released and we have got our hands on the game.


The game has been hyped too much for all the right reasons and has been known as the alternative of PUBG after it was banned along with many other Chinese apps. The game was released on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day on 26th January and we have played the game for quite some time now and decided to provide you with a review of FAU-G in less than 5 minutes.

FAU-G Gameplay

FAU-G is a close-combat gameplay for now also known as brawler gameplay. Most of the weapons used in the game are handcrafted weapons and mostly comes with punches and kicks. The handcrafted weapons alos come with their own names such as ‘Lalkaar’ and ‘Tandav’. This is one of the main difference that we can see in FAU-G and many other games where the main focus is on shooting.

There is only single-player mode available as of now to play and later on it is expected that the game can also come with Battle Royale and Team Death Match modes in future. The gameplay is only restricted to three actions such as movement, strike, and defend. The further you progress in the game, it is kind of an repetitive process and there is nothing new to try once you experience the hand-held weapons.

FAU-G Weapons and Combat

The game allows user to carry up to two weapons in their hands at the same time. It comes with three-button combat system and has a lot of room for improvements. The weapons that you collect from your enemies can only be used for limited amount of strikes before the weapon vanishes. The weapons cannot be replaced even if there is a weapon right in front of the player. Collecting a weapon is as easy as walking over the weapon as we have seen in most of the games.

If you wish to get new weapons, you have to find new enemies to get the weapons from them. The analogue gameplay on the left hand seems quite difficult in a combat situation as the player can only strike and punch the enemy near to them, it does not matter in which direction you want to throw a punch. The defend option seems useless as whenever the opponent comes to attack you, it glows in red colour so you can easily strike them first and nullify their attack.

FAU-G Graphics, Narration, and Plot

When the players advance in their gameplay, the game will show some cut scenes that are very random and sudden at some times. These are animated scenes which are quite long and you also have the option to skip ahead. Players can also hear some motivational dialogues in the background while playing game such as “Apne Bhaiyo ko bachana mera farz hai”.


According to the size of the game, as it is on half a gigabyte in download size, the graphics are quite impressive. We played the game in the highest settings available and it worked smoothly on the Android device.

FAU-G In-Game Store

The game also comes with an in-game store where you can buy skins for your player as well as for your weapons. You just have to earn coins and then buy the skin. It can either be done by paying an amount to purchase the coins out of which the game also lets you know that 20% of the amount will go to Bharat Ke Veer Foundation. The other way to earn some coins is that you can watch ads and avail coins in return.

There are quite limited skins available in the game for your player avatar and weapons but as the game advances, we expect to see more skins in the future.


The experience with FAU-G have been great in terms of graphics and smoothness of the game. However, FAU-G needs a lot of improvement before a person can actually find it interesting to player after 30 minutes.