Ready Steady Play : 3 in 1 Game To Amaze You

Do you ever wanted to be a Cowboy and kill people in duelling, well Android has an opportunity for you. Ready Steady Play is a Wild-west themed game with amazing graphics and easy to use interface. This game is complied with 3 different mini games, all in just 40 Mb. This game is very addictive as you can compare your score with your friends. Ready Steady Play is minimal but still amazing. Ready Steady Play consists of three games for now and new games will be added soon in the later updates.


The three games under Ready Steady Play are as follows:

 1 – Shooting Gallery:

In this game you have to shoot as many cowboys you can but avoid the lady that comes in between. Each cowboy will give you 1 point each and killing the innocent lady slashes your 10 points so beware. The game has unique feature of reloading the gun after every 6 shots of bullet which makes it more realistic. To score more use the combo by killing 6 cowboys in 6 bullets with reloading in between. You can shoot the bottle placed by cowboys at times on screen to snatch 10 points in one bullet. There are different achievements to be unlocked to master the game.

2 – Hobby Hurdles:

This game tests your horse riding skills with simple gameplay. You have to jump over the obstacles and reach as far as you can. You can score more by landing at the edge, this game is very hard than it sounds. You just have to press to jump or jump and hold for higher jump. There are different areas where there are power-ups to score more. You have to jump on the barrels to get the maximum distance you can travel.


3-Coin Shooter:

As the name suggests you have to shoot the coins which are thrown in sky by the cowboys without letting them touch the ground. You can kill the Cowboy for bonus points and shoot the same coins in one bullet to add them and score even more. Even in this game you have to reload the gun which makes this game a bit more difficult compared to other two games. You have to concentrate on coins, cowboys as well as the bullets in your gun.


This are the three games in Ready Steady Play at just rupees 120INR which is very cheap for such awesome package of games. This game not only provides you 3 games but also saves space on your Smartphone. Rather keeping three different games worth 100’s of MB you can simply download this worth 40 MB. So why Wait just grab this amazing Game.

Download Ready Steady Play From Google Play Store