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This Will Surely Make You Roll on Floor Laughing #PokemonGo in India

This Will Surely Make You Roll on Floor Laughing #PokemonGo in India

by Abhishek VoheraJuly 16, 2016

Pokemon Go is not yet officially launched in India and people over here are going crazy about it. The people excited about #PokemonGo game have side loaded the apk and started playing the game even before its launch. There are many jokes made related to this game, and it is going extremely viral. So we have selected few funny content about #PokemonGo that will surely make you Roll On Floor.

How to Go for Night Out with Pokemon

Now a days parents doubt when the child go for the night out, but after the arrival of #PokemonGo, they do encourage the child when he says I am going for night out at friends place to catch the Bulbasaur. Check out this amazing video by Viraj Ghelani : Follow him on SnapChat @veeer1993


Every Pokemon Trainer Be Like …

Ram Ram Ram …. is the most epic dialogue from the bollywood movie ISHQ. Here is the amazing Spoof of it where Ajay Devgan goes to catch the spectacular Pokemons. Video by FilterCopy.

#PokemonGo Discount

I must say, this is the best time to be alive. Many Restaurants and Bars have started giving Discounts according to the Pokemon Master’s Level or for catching wild Pokemon.


Mr. Bean Playing #PokemonGo

Everyone of us know, who the Mr. Bean is. He is a really very funny character, Just imagine what would happen when he starts playing #PokemonGo. Here is the video regarding it. Must Watch.

You love the #PokemonGo game or you don’t, you would surely love this content about #PokemonGo.  I am sure that this were the great videos and tweets which would surely make you roll on floor laughing. Do let us know, What you feel about this viral game. Also keep us following for more updates about Pokemon Game and Everything about Android.

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