6 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks That Will Make You Better

The sensational Pokemon era is back.Well it is an obvious situation at this point of time that if you happen to read this article now, then you got to have Pokemon Go installed on your device. So how many of them have you caught yet? Any chances you reached Level 5? Been in a fight at a gym yet? The craze has swept the globe over the last week and shows no signs of slowing down.


Above Android picks 6 special tricks or call them cheats if you want, they will definitely help you get an edge on the other players, yeah, show them off your skills, here’s our secret guide for you :-

Art of Throwing the Pokeball

The first and foremost thing is to know that there are 3 types of pokemon, when you catch them, notice the circle’s color it could be Green which signifies it is relatively easy to catch, Yellow would mean fairly difficult to catch and the Red would mean it is most difficult to catch. Also you would have noticed that the size of the ring keeps changing from small to large, so the main thing you need to focus on to catch it in the first attempt is to release the pokeball when size of the ring is larger. One more trick is to throw it in a manner it ends up on the head or nose of the character.Gotcha!!

Turn Off AR to focus while catching Pokemon

Yes it’s a lot of fun using the cool augmented reality feature, but try switching it off when you are trying to catch a Pokemon just switch AR Mode off from top right. The background will change drastically and would let you focus more on the Pokemon. Just try it, works for me. It would work for you as well.

Understanding Nearby

When you click on nearby in bottom right, you get to see all pokemons in your immediate vicinity, if you have just started playing then you won\’t see the real pokemon but a silhouettes, a dark outline and once you catch some you will see the ones near you. Now there are are footprints shown just below pokemon’s image and name, to get a clear picture of that just go-through this exclusive set of tips that I’ve experienced myself before sharing.

You keep the menu with pokemon’s image/outline open while you walk and tap on the character you want to keep track of, as you walk closer character would come to top left and steps would decrease from three to two to one if you are moving in the right direction. IF not, turn 180 degrees and start moving in opposite direction.

Places where you should rather be

Again, this is something I’ve experienced personally, you are more likely to find Pokestops and Gyms near cities and places like malls. If you are at a rural or sub-urban area you won’t find much Pokemons as well. So it matters where you work and live and your travel routine as the frequency of Pokemons really matters. I hope you find yourself at all the right places then.


Important Pokestop trick

Rewards are waiting at pokestops, be it pokeballs or eggs which can be hatched using an incubator. The deal here is you can stay at a pokestop and reap the same reward after every 5 minutes. I guess many people did not know this trick, well, if you did then you\’ve been  doing this for quite a while, right?

Tap on the Pokeball if you don’t aim right

It’s not legit, but worked for me like 3 out of 10 times. If you throw a pokeball and it goes in some other direction, just keep tapping it erroneously you might get it back. It’s worth a try.


Do you know more such tricks, better ones? Just let us and other Pokemon followers know about them, write in comment section. Also, tell us which trick helped you the most.

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