Pirate Legends – A New Entry in the List of Defense Games

With the escalating number of video games lovers in this present era, newer and newer developments are coming up with more sophisticated and advances levels of games. Video games have in fact being liked by people of all age groups. The influx of console games has marked a totally different genre.


If you have decided to pick up a renowned leader in the genre of defender games, it’s best to go for a tack developed by Super Hippo.  Their next creation is Pirate Legends TD, a game packed with interesting twists and turns, in addition to a few serious oversights in user-friendliness. Pirate Legends TD is a game of interesting turns and twists with a fun and unique play style.

Something about the Game

Pirate Legends is a notable tower defense game that is a mix of challenges and fun at the same time. According to estimates, the game is played by more than 2 million players. There are various features such as superb visuals and lots of fun that have made Pirate Legends TD as the greatest award-winning tower defense game.


Pirate Legends is loaded with plenty of features. You as a player have to work hard to navigate your ship through the dangerous waters of the Caribbean of you wish to save yourself from the evil Imperial Navy, hungry Cannibals, and the restless Undead Horde. Some of the main features are-

  • 20 exclusive towers with extraordinary abilities and twin upgrade paths five heroes with special skills.
  • Up to 30 and more different enemies with four terrifying bosses
  • Captivating missions
  • Excellent music and hilarity
  • 36 achievements

Graphics Involved

The graphics of pirate legends look excellent. Pirate Legends succeeds all other games of its genre as it does not sound repetitive. Moreover, the graphics involved are stunning and appear life like with plenty of focus on retina display. Graphically, Pirate Legends is an extravagance. You can find everything soft and snappish right from the action involved to the setting effects, for example there is a panda bear that is seen loafing around and consuming cane while the fight is going on. Good deal of work has been done in the sound and music department from the cries of defeated pirates to the splash of cannonballs hitting the water. Download it right now on your Android phone and start enjoying what all delicacies the game has to put forward.

Tricks and Tact’s

Pirate Legends proffers “relic” powers that incorporate some cool tricks like summoning a powerful kraken to gulp whatever coming above it. You also have a pirate ship with huge number of cannons that can be used as targets and can be sent out for special attacks, just like a cannon-laden turtle. Plus there are cool mythical beasts from the seven seas. The game consists of all such sorts of little additional facets that surpass all its counterparts by simply placing towers at definite positions on the watery map.


Download Pirate Legends from Google Play Store