New Games Arrive In This Week At Playstore (07-03-2018)

As we know many people spent their free time by playing games. Most of the users play games according to their choice which includes racing, puzzle and etc. Also, some of them like to try new games. You can easily find a bunch of new games in Play Store. We at Above Android shortlisted some of the new games that you should try. Let’s talk about the game which we have selected for you guys.


List of New Games

1. Nuclien:

Nuclien is a number based puzzle game which is developed by a springloaded company. For playing this game, one should require the combination of concentration and good hand-eye coordination. You have to arrange the number in a correct order just like DNA sequence but it should get a sequence in its given time.

The Nuclien game provides you more than 75 levels each with their own different styles. The game has 6 different modes to play with different music and visual effects. While playing, users get lost in their experience because of an interactive musical landscape. For downloading, this game will cost Rs. 130.

2. Space Snake:

Space Snake is a simple and addictive game which will surely give people the best experience. For controlling the snake, you just have to touch and drag on the screen. While playing, you will notice an endless long road with many obstacles which randomly appear during playing this space snake.

For enlarging your snake, collect that small boxes and gems which will further help you to unlock stylish new characters. After completing the first stage of space snake, the difficulty will increase and also your snake will run extremely fast. The game is absolutely free to download but many adds appear while playing this game. Moreover, this game will give you best sound experience which will encourage the player while playing.

3. Switch Wing:

Switch Wing is a simple arcade game which randomly generates levels. The aim of this game is to move from one end of the stage to another just by tapping on the screen. You have to avoid obstacles and also collect the stars from each stage.

One can easily enjoy this game, as it randomly generates maze which is design to challenge your reaction. While playing, the games provide more than 30 different obstacles to slow down your speed. The game is free to download but like other games, it also contains a number of ads which appear while playing.


You can download all of this game directly from Google Play Store. Do try this game and share your experience in our comment section below.