Loop Drive : Game Review

It’s been a long since we did a review of any application. However, we got you covered with various How-to articles; make sure you check out them here. Coming to the point there’s an amazing game up in the PlayStore to make sure you can kill your time easily and another great thing is that it works without the internet.



Loop Drive game is pretty much similar to Do Not Crash but just in a different track. You need to make sure that you survive as many rounds as possible and make sure you don’t collide with the car running in the other track. Two circles collide each other and there are two joints which connects the circle. You can choose any car you want and then the game begins. You have simple controller of brakes and accelerate and you need to make sure that you don’t dash the other car which runs on the other circle.



There are not many fancy features to this game. It’s pretty simple with only controls of accelerate and brake as I mentioned above. There are various characters which you can take to play in this game. Nyou can play with number of vehicles as well as humans likes skaters, etc. You can purchase different vehicles by the coins which you collect when you complete a round without dashing to the other car.


This game will work on any android device above 4.0 Android OS. You also need to make sure you have at least 50 MB free on your device. There are over 100,000 installs to this game and has been featured by Google play in “Play without Internet”

Let us know your best score in this game and did you like the gamer or no as a whole. Comment below the game which you are playing continuously these days.