5 Best Miramar Location of Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile

PUBG has been recently updated with the latest 0.18.0 version. The new update has brought some amazing changes and it has introduced some interesting features in the game that will fascinate a player to play the game more regularly. The major update of the latest version is the brand new Miramar 2.0 map and the new features are included like Golden Mirado and Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile.


As the update is new, many players are not aware of the locations to find Mirado & Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile. So in this article, we are going to tell you about the Best Location of Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile.

What is a Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile?

Vending Machine is the new feature added to the latest Miramar 2.0 map. Vending Machine is a machine that offers 8 energy drinks in one attempt. Energy drinks from the Vending Machine can be taken for a fixed amount of time. So it means that if the number of energy drinks taken by someone else before you reach the limit of Vending Machine then there are chances that you might get fewer energy drinks or not a single energy drink. In such cases, you need to find another machine to get energy drinks.

Everyone who plays PUBG Mobile knows the importance of energy drinks. They are very much helpful in regaining your health when you don’t have Bandages or First Aid kits with you. The Vending Machines are only available in the Miramar 2.0 map and the locations are not fixed. The machines are spawned randomly at fixed locations.

However many of the players are facing difficulties in finding out the locations of Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile. So here is the list of confirmed locations to find Vending Machine in Miramar in PUBG Mobile.

Miramar Location of Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile

  1. Los Leones
  2. Pecado
  3. Chumacera
  4. San Martin Restaurants
  5. El Azahar

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So these are the 5 confirmed locations in Miramar 2.0 map where the chances of getting the Vending Machine are highest. The above-mentioned places are also best for landing when you start the game as there is a higher probability of getting quality weapons in these areas.

Always be alert and attentive while making use of Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile. There are instances when the players try to thrash the Vending Machine. But doing such a thing you are just going to harm yourself. The Vending Machines are enabled with cutting-edge and anti-theft technology. It means that if you try to provide any kind of damage to the machine, it may just expose your current location of the game to your enemy. So always be careful while using Vending machine



The mentioned locations are very much prone to have the Vending Machine. There might be other locations also where you can find the Vending Machine but chances of getting it at the above-mentioned locations are very much high. If you think that we have missed out on any of the locations then let us know in the comment section below. Till then get your energy refilled from energy drinks by using Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile.