Local Multiplayer Game : DUAL! Shot Bullet From One Screen To Another

There might be many games which you enjoy playing alone but then there are some multiplayer game which you can stop yourself from sharing with friends and playing it all the time. DUAL! is one of them, DUAL is a local multiplayer game which can be played by two players at a time. The game can be played over Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection.


How to play DUAL! Game

  • Once you and your friends has installed this application, start the application
  • Complete the tutorial and then press and hold to connect.
  • Connect over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as per your wish
  • Once you are connected, tap the screen to shoot and tilt to dodge yourself.
  • Press and hold to shoot your mega attack.

Advantages of DUAL! Game

  • As this game can be connected via Bluetooth it doesn’t require net access so it can be played anytime.
  • The Game is real time game with no lags and no delays in frames.
  • Sensors are up to the mark to defend yourself while tilting the device
  • Works on Almost all android smartphones from Version 2.3.3
  • All this for just 8 MB, yes only 8 MB which you can easily give up for this amazing game.

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Disadvantages of DUAL! Game

  • There is no option of playing it against bot, so if you don’t have any partner you won’t be able to play this game
  • The health bar is not accurate enough, after playing 3 games I noticed that the health bar is not accurate, however I believe that in the future updates this bug will vanish
  • It can be played only if you have other person near you.
  • The Bluetooth connection doesn’t work most of the times, it is also mentioned in their description on play store that they are working on it.

Overview of the game:

This is absolutely one of the best local multiplayer games, the sound and graphics is perfect. It has two gaming modes to play in but only one of them the basic gaming mode is free, if you want to play the other mode you need to buy it from the PlayStore which I guess is not fair. They should have at least given a 3 day or a week long trail period so that people can understand the new mode and then buy it. As this game is of 8 MB only I suggest you all to try it out, all you need is a partner. Comment below if you know any other real time multiplayer game.