Kites Mumbai : The Very First 3D Kite Flying Game

It is really a great fun to fly kites of various shapes and colors in the blooming blue sky, the company named GameEon InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. aims to make such games which can simulate the real world activity into the games. Earlier they made a 2D kite flying game, so called  “Kyte” and now they are up with “Kites Mumbai” , which is First Ever 3D Kite Flying Game. The Kites : Mumbai is based on the location of the Mumbai, the game have very realistic graphics and awesome sound effects. There are multiple game modes inside the “Kites : Mumbai” game itself. The GameEon InfoTech Pvt. Ltd have made this game available on Android as well as iOS platform.


Overview :
The Kites : Mumbai Game is the very first 3D Kite flying game available on Google Play Store Kites : Mumbai had been  Launched on the 19th July 2013 and is successfully being downloaded all over the android world. Play the game, get the coins and aim high to get on the top at leader board. There are various modes and you can also fly the kite from two location i.e. Borivali and Andheri.

The Home place for a newbie is Borivali , where the player can evolve from a newbie to an amateur and get to know what is needed to get started. Borivali is filled with a lot of challenges where first you start with a Tutorial level and then 3 amazing different levels: ‘Movement’, ‘Dodge The Bird’ and ‘Anger The Bird’. Once you complete all challenges in Borivali things get more serious and you are introduced to Andheri which has timed challenges.


Modes :
There are various modes in this games, they are as listed below

  • Campaign
  • Movement
  • Dodge The Bird
  • Anger The Bird
  • Timed Challenges
  • Kite Racing
  • Betting
  • Kite Purchas

Video :
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Download :
Pro Version :