Jellybean Madness : Explore Your Madness With Jellybean

After the drop down of Flappy Bird game from Google Play Store, many game developers tried to use the name and concept of Flappy Bird to earn some raw money,  but we also found a team of developers who believe in the quality of game and improving the gaming experience of the users. GameEon is one of them, the team strives hard to develop the amazing games and their new game “Jellybean Madness” is live example of it.


As GameEon CEO, Nikhil Malankar says in an Interview with Above Android  that we work our best to deliver the best possible output and the Jellybean Madness is here. Jellybean Madness is a casual Android game and launched just few hours ago by GameEon InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. This game is based on your phone’s accelerometer and you just need to move your phone left or right to grab the sugar cubes which acts as a fuel for the awesome red Jellybean to reach the heights and top the leader boards.

Jellybean Madness has been mad in just 3 odd hours to make the functioning model, the founder Nikhil Malankar said. The creation of 3 hours is making the Game users to play it whole day and night to beat their friends and lead on the leader board. Now lets get into the deep of the game and discuss about the Graphics, Sound, Concept and the technical important aspects.

Concept Of Jellybean Madness :

This game work on the logic of fuelling, there is awesome red jellybean which rotates the whole 360 degree and move upward to reach the heights. In the way there are white sugar cubes all around and the jellybean need to collect this sugar cubes to gain the fuel which helps to move upwards.

As the jelly bean move upwards the size of it also increase which is a result of gaining the sugar cubes. As the size increases, the jellybean becomes heavy and it require more sugar cubes to keep the momentum going. The time when you are unable to get more sugar cubes, the madness of jellybean get over and start falling down and terminates the game.

Graphics :

Lets talk something about the important aspect by which majority of gamers get attracted, and that is the graphics. Jellybean Madness have cool enough graphics to make the game a huge success. The game has an amazing background graphics with the mountains, trees and the bushes.

There is an gradient effect at the bottom part and as the jelly bean move higher the sky becomes single coloured. The jelly bean is also shiny and attractive which sadly doesn’t attract the sugar cubes of the game which are rotating. The Madness of the game is also depicted from the Logo that is icon of the game which madly include the whole “Jellybean Madness” into the single jelly bean.


Sound :

The enjoyment of the game is surely increased by the Jiggly and delicious sounds provided into this game. The moment you collect the sweet sugar cube, the jiggly sound is produced which really inspire you to acquire more cubes and move towards the heights. The Starting  sound of Toing gives the amazing initial boost to the jelly bean and seriously it makes you happy and cheer which playing this game. Improvements can be made in the sound while the game gets over, because presently there is no sound at the end of the game.

Google Play Leaderboard :

Jellybean Madness also supports the Google Play Leaderboard, which is the new secret of success for the game developers which make the users to compete their friends score and top the leader board. It consist two ranking table, first among your Google Circles and other worldwide. So just open the game sign in with Google Plus and start playing this amazing creation of GameEon  and top the leader board by reaching the heights.


Addictive :

No game is a success unless and until it is addictive to users and the Jellybean Madness is truely addictive. The game makes you to use the hands and jump all around to gain the rotating sugar cubes. I personally just love the moment when I break my previous high score and reach a step closer to the person who is ranking top in the leader board. the best thing is  that when the jelly bean fall down user tries to get the jelly bean by jumping and waving phone in upwards direction.  This all things can easily tell you that how addictive this game is.

User Review :

This is game is getting amazing review on the Google Play Store and the user are giving 5 stars without thinking much about this game. A user named Larissa has reviewed that – “IM ADDDICTEDDDDD, Im the kind who has no games in her phone AT ALL. but this is TOOOO much jellyness to handle! Cant stop. Its just 15 mins since I downloaded it and i have played more than 40 times just to beat the high score 😀 “. Many such reviews are published by user and We at Above Android are sure that you willl too rate it high after playing this super cool and delicious Jellybean Madness.

Specification :

This game is just launched before few hours that is on 22nd February 2014. This game requires android version 2.3 and above, which state that this game can be played in amlost 90% of all the android devices. This game is categorized under casual section and the content rating is Everyone. This size of the game can be a constraint as it is bit large in size that whole 10 MB. But this issue can be solved by moving the game into the SD card, if you own it.

Verdict :

This is the Fifth Game made by the GameEon InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. and I can surely say that this is the best out of them. The Graphics, Sound, Concept and the technical specification as described above are indicating that this game will surely entertain you and you will have a quality time with it. Must Install and Play it once and surely then you going to love this addictive game.

Download Jellybean Madness