Human to Pokemon “Please Let Us Go”

Pokemon Go makes player to like the virtual life of in real world. For those who are unaware, the digital monsters in the game known as Pokemon, appear on screen when people roam around in their environment.


How Pokemon Go works?

A player needs to look in a device while roaming looking once he catch a Pokemon he needs to through a Poké Ball at it on the device screen by doing this you capture the creature and earn points.

Is this game that cool?

Yes it is cool, Niantic Labs worked years to bring this up. The tagline “Gotta catch ‘em all” makes it tempting once you catch the very first Pokemon. The hardwork involved by Niantic Labs using augmented reality in its best way. The game is a great fun and enable the player to do cardio (walking) while playing. This game involves full player’s attention. And Niantic Labs knew this, therefore whenever the game is started a warning is shown which is obviously overlooked by the players.

And this causes trouble. I know most of the readers are thinking what rubbish we are smart enough to handle overselves and we know what we are doing. “Karne hai hasil, Pokemon” will make you insane believe it or not. Still not believing me, okay check out few wonderful accomplishments of the players, yes it is sarcastic:

Pokemon Let Us Go

  • In Canada, few officers suffered injuries when a car they observed driving strangely reversed into their police vehicle inside a parking area. Reason being the driver was playing this happening game.
  • Few days were past after the release of Pokemon and police got a call at 2AM about a group of 4 boys who parked their vehicle near Pokemon hotspot, when players of the game come close to the parking lot those boys get out of their cars in which they were hiding and robbed the gamers at gunpoint.
  • A player in Wyoming was searching near her home, looking for different creatures. Hopping a fence, exploring a natural water creature where she came across a dead body. How interesting was she feeling after realizing that?
  • Boon Sheridan from Massachusetts, was surprised by unknown persons visit to his house. Later he got to know that he did not own an ordinary house but a Pokemon Go gym.
  • Game has some flaws like sudden intermittent abort and security issues which were even agreed by the developers. This games demands almost all phone permission and unknowingly Pokemon lovers accept it that might lead to abuse by the hackers in future. This needs to be fixed.
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And the list of these frenzied buzz is increasing day by day.

Quest to be the Best: This is what makes players insane

With a course of time I am expecting even more scary reports. First we have seen side effects of selfie and now Pokemon Go will superimpose by all its might. Next time before catching a monster ask yourself whether that Pokemon sits at appropriate place otherwise you might find yourself into a street gutter.

Share this with your friends and family to make them aware about whats this game can do with your life, if proper attention is not given. For more updates on Pokemon Go and Anything about Android keep following us.