HQ Trivia coming to Android soon, pre-registration now available on Google Play

The popular game HQ Trivia announced that it is coming to Android soon. The company announced this news on Twitter. Interested user can pre-register for the app right now to be notified when the app goes live in the Play Store. If you have not heard this game before and thinking why a  trivia game app has become more popular, well the  HQ Trivia app allows you to win real cash prizes.


The live  trivia games start every day at 9 PM EST and every weekday at 3 PM EST, those who play get a chance to win the best cash prizes. If you are new to this game,  HQ Trivia is a part game show and part trivia app with amazing cash prizes and it is growing rapidly in the world. The company was created by  two former founders of Vine, which allows the normal smartphone user to enter for a chance to win a cash prize if you get 12 correct answers to the question.

The app is very popular on iOS devices, as it has hundreds to thousands of players each day which competes  to win prizes. The game consists of 12 multiple choice question each increasing in its difficulty. A player has 10 seconds of time limit to answer each question. If you are thinking you can  simply Google the answers and win the cash prize, so you are wrong. The developer of a game has made questions which are  “un-Google-able”, which means it takes more digging than a simple Google search to get the answer.

If you answer all the question correctly, then you will able to win  the jackpot which will equally split with other winners. Usually, the game started with  a jackpot of $100 but now it has increased in its value which is between $250 to $8000. If not a single user wins the jackpot of a day, then its value is added to the next jackpot game. Winners can check out their rewards using a  PayPal account. If you are an Android user just pre-register for the app

 which is available on Google Play Store. By registering it will notify you when the app goes live. Do try this app and get a chance to win cash prizes. Let us know your feedback in our comment section below.