How Pokemon Go Became an Overnight Success

Pokemon Go is something that is on the threshold of breaking all trending charts. This has been an almighty success for Nintendo and  their stock price has spiked by 65% while the game has become the fastest mobile game to top the iOS and Android charts. All this achievement appears almost surreal, so what is it that Niantic did which Nintendo couldn’t. It has been a phenomena, and  here’s our take as we at Above Android try to figure out how it has seen this overnight success.


Three big reason’s why Pokemon-Go is a Hit

1. Target Audience

The target audience is the main catch, any product or service when comes to the market its success is hugely dependent on its target audience. It’s easy to say that people born in the ’90s were a big fan of the animated series Pokemon. The appeal of Pokemon is very much a generational thing. If you didn’t grow up with Pokemon — that would mean you’re more than 35 years old, roughly — Pokemon just does not register except as a weird thing kids like. So the targeted audience coincidentally is socially active and most of them obviously use a smartphone. They all just got nostalgic as soon as they heard about their favorite animated characters are back.

2. Uber Cool Gameplay

When you enter the world of Pokemon-Go, what you witness is a blend of virtual and the real world.The concept of “Augmented-reality” seems fairly new and unique in itself for the gaming world.So moving around, trying to catch a pocket monster a.k.a Pokemon and just when you see it the app puts the Pokemon in the real world on the phone’s screens, via the phone’s camera (this is what’s meant by “augmented reality”) and then just throw poke balls at them.Gotcha!! An amazingly crazy and fun concept, hence this tremendous success.

3. The Social Connect

Anything that wants to be big in today’s world, needs to go social. The sole reason for the game’s triumph is that it has been trending on social media on platforms. I bet most of you first encountered it through a friend posting about it on Facebook or Twitter.  The reach of this app has been multiplied as soon as it got social. All the Pokemon fans just downloaded Pokemon Go as soon as they heard that there’s a game which has the plot of catching pokemon.

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So to make a killer app, Nintendo just added social to their most loved animated series. Animated or real, you got to Catch ’em All. Yeah!!! So get this Game  on your phones and go searching for these pocket-sized monsters right away. Follow Above Android and get the latest of posts, tips, and tricks for Pokemon.