Hand Cricket : Amazing Way To Recall Your Childhood

One of my friend from NSA Studios have recently developed an Android Game similar to this concept, known as the Hand Cricket. One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood, and in a country like India childhood is not complete with out the fun and joy of cricket. India is a country where cricket is a religion and the childhood where there is no cricket is not a called as childhood. I still remember my childhood days, when I used to play cricket in the whole vacation and in at school the amazing “Hand Cricket“.


The developer describe the game as , Hand Cricket is an attempt to personify the childhood experience of playing cricket with your hand. For those who don’t know, hand cricket is a game in which fingers are used to draw a score and if the score is equal to the opponent’s score, the batsman is declared out. Else, the score of the batsman is added to the total runs of the batting team.

It is well said that, If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. This Hand Cricket Game does the same thing, it helps you to carry your childhood with you as you grow and you never become older. Right Now, the game is only in single player mode, but the developer have said that it will soon add the multi-player feature in the next update.

Features of Hand Cricket:

1. Amazing Concept
The concept behind the game is really awesome and it have dragged lots of user to download the game and make a recall to their childhood. When you start the game, the first option is to make the toss and according to the toss, game will start. The game also save your high score and also have option to select the number of player in a team. The rules are the same of the hand cricket which we play using our hands and also they are written in the app for the people playing it first time.

2.Simple User Interface
The look and feel of the game is really cool and encourage your to have a single play at least. The user interface and the Graphics of the game are mainly based on the Black and White tone and it is nice manged to bring glow out of this two colors. The bar to select your hand is action is simply superb, it has 6 radio buttons and the score card enhance the beauty.

3. Play Against the Bot
The Game is in a single player mode, that means the user have play against the bot. But the algorithm used for the bot is so genuine that it is never too easy or never too hard to play against them. If your are alone and having no one to play with you, then this game will help you for sure to play hand cricket against bot.

4. Ultimate Time Pass
“This Hand Cricket game helped us survive many a boring lectures, great invention ” this is a review by the Game user and its the truth indeed. The Hand Cricket game is really a good friend of your when you are alone and willing to pass some quality time while your in lectures , or while traveling.

Coming Soon to Hand Cricket:

1. Multi-Player Support
The game don’t have the multi-player support yet, but the developer have said that it will soon add the multi-player feature in the next update. Then it will be really a great fun to play with your friends with this amazing Hand Cricket game.


2. Online Support

Right now the high scores of your are stored locally and you cannot compete with your friends on the Leader boards. But we expect that in the next update we will get the support to share high score on the Google Play Leader boards.


My final words on this Hand Cricket game will be just install it and recall your childhood memories. It is simple game with the fantastic hand cricket concept and the cool user interface.

Download Hand Cricket Game From Play Store