Guide to Choose the Best PUBG Grip of 2020

If you are a good player and you play PUBG regularly then it is very important to have knowledge of the best PUBG Grip as it can help you to achieve a high number of skills. If you are a new player to the PUBG Mobile then these technicalities are very far but it is not bad to know about such minor things as it can help you to be a pro player in the game. So in this article, we are going to tell you the Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best PUBG Grip


If you are a good player of PUBG Mobile then having the best PUBG grip is very important. There are various types of grips available in the game but knowing which one is the best is very difficult. The best grip helps the player to remove the recoil created after a gun pump out bullets. Grips can be included in most of the guns as it is very much helpful in improving the accuracy of burst shots.

Guide to Choose the Best PUBG Grip

The biggest benefit of having the grip is that it greatly improves the accuracy and it can be attached in almost every gun. It is not compulsory to have a grip on the gun. It is completely fine if you do not prefer to equip any of them but if you are equipping any grip then make sure that it is the best PUBG grip. Below are some of the best grips in PUBG Mobile to bring the greatest out of your gun.

Best PUBG Grips

Best PUBG Grip: Angled Foregrip

Being the best PUBG grip, Angled Foregrip is preferred best to use with SMGs and Ars. It is very much helpful in increasing the ADS speed which helps in shooting the target faster when scoped. The angled grip is great for reducing the horizontal recoil when in extended combat. The grip is not preferred for long-range shooting as the steadiness of the gun is reduced and the accuracy during burst shot is affected badly.

Best PUBG Grip: Half Grip

Half Grip is one of the most commonly used grips by the players in PUBG. The biggest advantage of using this grip is that it helps to improve a player’s burst skill which is very much helpful during 1 vs 1 situation. The half grip increases recoil recovery but it reduces recoil. The recoil recovery helps the player to aim better at the target. However, if the opponents are moving too fast then this best PUBG grip won’t be the best choice as horizontal recoil is harder to control than vertical recoil. To overcome this weakness of the half grip, use this grip with steady weapons like Vector.

Best PUBG Grip: Vertical Foregrip

Vertical Foregrip is one of the most favorite grips among all the other grips. It is the most preferred grip for heavy weapons like Beryl and the Tommy Gun because this grip has a high recoil stat. Vertical Foregrip has multiple uses as it can be used in various situations of the game. It is the only grip available for guns like Tommy Gun and SMG class. Though it is versatile and favorite of many players, this coil has a disadvantage which is that if a player is familiar with a weapon then there is no further need for this kind of grip. Hence, vertical foregrip is the best choice for heavy guns.

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Best PUBG Grip: Thumb Grip

Thumb Grip is the most versatile grip among all the Best PUBG Grips. Many players prefer the thumb grip over vertical foregrip because of the multiple uses the grip offers. The grip greatly improves the stability of the weapon and it reduces the recoil reduction. The biggest advantage of the thumb grip is that it reduces the time taken to bring up a scope, which is very important to snipers. Hence the thumb grip can be a great add on to scoped weapons as the scope will not move too much with a stable weapon.

Best PUBG Grip: Light Grip

Light Grip grip is best suited for single-shot weapons. This grip helps to achieve pinpoint accuracy in stable weapons like Vector. The recoil factor does not matter in such grip as you are just going to do single shots anyway. As it is helpful for only one kind of weapon the light grip comes last in the list of Best PUBG Grips. Hence, using the best grip for the particular weapon gives a further advantage to the player.



To become the best in any particular game, every little thing is vital. The only good player is the one who makes every small thing count and uses it to his own benefit. So this was the Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best PUBG Grip. If you still have any doubts regarding this topic then let us know in the comment section below.