GSN’s Bingo Bash Game Review : World’s #1 Bingo App

Bingo Bash Game: Hands on Review

The number one game show of America- Bingo was the best hit in television industry where people can earn good handsome prizes. Bingo is one such games that everyone must have played in childhood and there are people too, who enjoy this game in adult ages. The game had been turned to an Android application and had gained too much popularity just like the show. You can win big with more than 350 levels to play and around 50 ways to play this game. The new rooms are added to this game after every 2 weeks. Let us have a good look over this game and learn something about it.


Bingo Bash Review

Bingo Bash is played by more than 4 million players around the world and it is available on social networks like Facebook too. In the starting of game you will be provided with few Bingo Chips to buy any of the Bingo cards from set of 4. Once you have purchased the chips, you can enter next round that will begin after some numbers of Bingos had been completed in that round. The rounds are continuously going with an announcer announcing columns & numbers.

How to Play Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash has got easy setup and easy gameplay too. You just require an Android smart phone to install this app and start playing it. Here is the guide to play Bingo Bash Game efficiently.

  • Enter the special rooms and any one of the 50+ wonders
  • Start playing by picking up the Bingo Cards
  • You must daub the number that had been called out
  • You can win big by scoring in 13 different ways
  • You should complete the collection of items to win goodies
  • You can unlock newer levels and enter to newer rooms after every two weeks

Features of Bingo Bash Game

Some of the greatest features of Bingo Bash game have been listed below. Bingo game lovers must eye on these features to learn more about this awesome game.

  • You can unlock different rooms like Pot of Gold, Wild West, and Purrfect Crime
  • You can play and chat with friends at the same time
  • You can earn bonuses by teaming up
  • You can earn big rewards and get power-ups & Chips by finding the Gems and Collectibles
  • New rooms are unlocked after every two weeks
  • The multiplayer mode is also supported in real time

Bingo Bash Rooms

Different rooms of this game are listed below. Bingo Bash lovers can find the perfect room for themselves from here.

  • Slot Rooms: You can spin your way for a mega win.
  • Wonder Rooms: You can fly around the world, swim to Great Barrier Reef, Battle with the gladiators in Coliseum, hit the Vegas strip, and can even scale Great Wall of China.
  • Seasonal Rooms: The zombie Bash can be enjoyed in these rooms and you can even enter the thanksgiving rooms from here.

Detailed Features of Bingo Bash

The features of this stunning game had been explained in details below. You should have an eye over them.

Power Up

When the Power Up icon is fully charged, it can be used for random power ups. These power ups can be anything ranging from an instant win to some extra coins. The coins are considered a good win as you can use these coins for buying collectibles and power ups too.

Social Side

Bingo Bash works wonderfully well on social side. If you level up in this game, you can gift the collectibles, gems, power up packs, and even some coins to your friends playing this game. Every round of Bingo is played at least between more than 100 players. As the round progresses, you can see the leader boards changing.


Bingo Bash has a high quality superb presentation with crisp and clear interface. One bad thing is that the loopy music at the background ends up very quickly.

User Friendly

The game is very user friendly and really very easy to understand. The players can easily understand this game and play it comfortably without too much confusion.

Final Words

Overall, Bingo Bash is one of the hot favorites for Bingo lovers. They love to play this game with full zeal. The simple and easy interface of this game makes Bingo Bash more popular worldwide. It has large numbers of audiences worldwide and is played in more than 100 countries of the world.

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