Garene Free Fire Ranks List

In this article, we will tell you about the Free Fire ranks list. The Free Fire game developed by Garena is loved by everyone. It has got a new name from its users as the Indian Battle Royale. The game has a rank system just like PUBG, the biggest battle royale game.


The game has a ranking system that determines how well you are laying the game and what is your progress in the game. It is totally dependent on the performance of the player. The rankings of the players are divided into various tiers. The game has a mode where players can play ranked matches. In this mode, players are matched with other players of almost the same tier. This increases the competition level as players of the same rank fight together.

If you are a new player, the Free Fire ranks will be a bit confusing for you. But don’t worry, we will help you to understand it in a very easy way through this Free Fire Ranks List post.

Here’s the Free Fire Ranks List:

  1. Bronze: Bronze I – Bronze II – Bronze III.
  2. Silver: Silver I – Silver II – Silver III.
  3. Gold: Gold I – Gold II – Gold III – Gold IV
  4. Platinum: Platinum I – Platinum II – Platinum III – Platinum IV.
  5. Diamond: Diamond I – Diamond II – Diamond III – Diamond IV.
  6. Heroic
  7. Grand Master

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There are in total seven Free Fire ranks. As you can see above, the first five ranks have multiple tiers in them. Starting from Bronze, Grand Master is the ultimate rank that is assigned to any player.

How does Free Fire Ranks List Works?

When you start the game as a player, you will begin it from the Bronze I rank. The Bronze rank has three tiers – Bronze I, Bronze II and Bronze III. After clearing all the three tiers, you will be ranked to Silver. The Silver Rank also has three tiers: Silver I, Silver II and Silver III. After Silver, you will be ranked to Gold. The next levels are Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each rank has four tiers.

The next rank is Heroic. Only a few reach to this level as it requires high Free Fire skills. The last rank assigned in the Free Fire ranks list is Grand Master. If you reach this level then it is like you have cleared all the levels of the games.



We hope that you have now understood the Free Fire Ranks list pattern. Let us know your rank in the comment section. Let’s see who has the highest rank.