Garena Free Fire Update: New Character Kapella, New Weapons and Fan’s Requests Added

Garena Free Fire latest update has arrived and it has brought some exciting features and content in the game. The developers has made several fan-requested changes to keep the fans more involved in the Free Fire game. Let’s have a detailed look at the Garena Free Fire update.


Garena Free Fire Update:

As earlier, the game didn’t allow more than two people to ride a bike, it has been changed and now two people are allowed to ride a bike at once. This new feature is a great add on to the game as it will greatly help all the players. The latest update of Garena Free Fire has introduced the new character which you all might be knowing if you are up to date with Free fire. The name of the new character is Kapella. She is not a stranger to the Free Fire players. She has been the lead singer of a popular K-pop band in the past. She can use her voice to upbeat personality to heal anyone, including herself, when out on the battlefield.

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Apart from that, the Garena Free Fire update has brought some new weapons to the game. The rapid-fire Thompson and a smoke grenade have been added to the list. The rapid-fire Thompson is an SMG that like a magazine, bringing more consistency than other guns of its class. It is a great choice for mid-to-close range firefights. It has one drawback that it doesn’t have the stopping power of MP40. This gun is only available in the classic mode.

The use of Smoke Grenade is known to everyone. It is an amazing weapon that can be used to bring difficulty is the opponent’s vision and you can escape or attack the opposition. The weapon is exclusive to Clash Squad, which is being brought back as a permanent mode after quickly becoming a true fan-favorite. A new pet named Ottero is also about to arrive later in this month and the Wonderland event will take place on April 19th.


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Garena is trying its best to keep the users more involved in the game by bringing such amazing updates. If you have not started t play the game yet then so and install the game and get amazing joy of playing the game.