Game Review : BorderLine – Life on the Line

There has always been a demand for never ending running games, which focus on the players’ dexterity and reflexes. This has led to the massive popularity of a few games in recent times, and more and more developers are looking to introducing the concept of fast paced action in their games to keep the players’ on their toes.


I recently played a game called Borderline – Life on The Line by CrazyLabs. Keeping in tune with the trend I mentioned above, this game too focuses on a fast action packed environment, with smooth transitions and an overall immersive experience. Here’s my take on this game.


The gameplay of BorderLine is quite simple enough to understand. You control a beam which follows a predefined path. Tapping to the right side of the screen makes the beam jump from the path to the right, and tapping to the left makes it jump to the left. Holding the particular side will make the beam follow the right/left path for a longer time, till you release your hold.

Over the course, you will face obstacles and will have to tap/hold the appropriate side to control the beam. You get power ups and coins too, so you’ll have to control the beam to collect them. As you progress through the levels, the speed of the beam increases and the obstacles become more complex.

You can also buy power ups and upgrades from a store on the main menu, for which you need the requisite amount of coins.

There’s also a multiplayer mode, through which you can play with opponents from over the world via the Internet.

It’s a fairly simple concept, but the developers have made it an exciting experience. Overall, the gameplay is neat, and quite addictive to say the least.


The game BorderLine has smooth transitions, and a peppy music to suit the mood. The UI of the game is minimalistic and simple, not many distractions – which is actually a good thing since it keeps the player focused on the beam.


While the game and the gameplay experience are excellent, I did face some force closes on my Lollipop enabled Nexus. The game also has too many ads, but then again, this can be corrected if the player buys the full version from the Play Store which costs under a dollar.


Overall, I was impressed. BorderLine is an easy to play, addictive and fun game which really keeps the player hooked. If you’ve enjoyed playing Temple Run and other such endless runner games, this game is definitely up your alley. The developers have done an excellent job with this, and I’m honestly looking forward to more stuff from them!