Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Returns With Swing Copters Game

Few months ago, the Flappy Bird game careened to our hearts and compelled us reconsidering the things that we knew about life and mobile gaming. This game was created by Dong Nguyen. It was an addictive game that impressed number of mobile gamers, while some had the hard feelings about the game. Now, Dong is back with another devilish game for the Android. This game is ‘Swing Copters’ and is available for free. Swing Copters Game is another non-quittable and hard tap frenzy game. Let us review this game briefly.


You die more often

The ultimate of Swing Copters game is to guide a small creature having large eyes safely throughout the game. It has a propeller over its head to fly high. The Swing Copters Game has a helicopter creature that veers right or left. You can tap on the screen, if you wish to reverse the direction of Copter, who is the creature. The game play consists of finding rhythm and flipping right and left to protect the copter from hitting the swinging hammers and the randomly placed girders that’s divides every level. You are more prone to death in Swing Copters Game. You need not to touch the hammers, chains, girders etc. to ignore death that may be the outcome of previous activities.

The higher you score, the more medals will be unlocked and this will unlock more copters. This game can be played single-handedly. Swing Copters Game had the banner ads on top of the screen, but these ads are simple ads.

Different Game, but Common Strategy

Swing Copters Game is all about finding the right rhythm with right controls. You just need to tap at the correct place in order to guide the copter through girders. These girders are positioned randomly and while playing Swing Copters game, you need a break the rhythm in order to place Copter at safe r place. This is a bit addictive game, but the storyline is very similar to other such types of games.

Dong’s Flappy Bird and his new game Swing Copters are quite similar, but Swing Copters game has few twists for making it more challenging for the gamers. If you delay at the start of game and when the Copter takes off, you will have hard times while tapping. Swing Copters Game single control guides the Copter both right and left depending on its current trajectory. This will make it hard for the gamer to keep the Copter in Straight and narrow path. The swinging hammers will also add an element of motion that will break your focus from the Copter several times.

Swing Copters Game Trailer

Final Thoughts on Swing Copters Game

Nguyen had created the Swing Copters Game with moderate difficulty and simple interface. It is challenging game and you will become its addict. Some of the games requires user to participate completely in the game play, but Swing Copters require persistence and good learning skills. You must install this new and little innovative game by Dong on your Android device and enjoy playing this game.


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