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Escape Bird Arcade Game : How Long Can You Survive?

Escape Bird Arcade Game : How Long Can You Survive?

by Dharmik PatelOctober 20, 2014

After the end of flappy bird’s trend which had millions of download now comes another game related to birds named “Escape Bird” which is modest yet incredible to kill hours of time. This application is developed by Javier Santos V.

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Escape Bird is all about taping the screen to control the bird and avoid the pitfalls. Touching the wall gives you one point each and with every point games gets harder. The background color keeps on changing causing confusion and distraction to concentration. Think you can score the best, then show off among your friends on Leader board.

How To Play Escape Bird:

  • The game play of escape bird is simple you just have to click on screen to elevate up the bird and release to bring it down.
  • Avoid the pitfalls on the side of wall.
  • With each point the game gets tougher and tougher so think well before moving the bird as there is no second chance.

FEATURES of Escape Bird:

-No hidden charges, absolutely free
-easy to understand
-Small space requirement (4 MB only)
-Tap to play
-Night mode available
-Achievements and Leaderboard
Also in the description of Escape bird on Play Store it is mentioned that “With every new version of escape bird new achievements are introduced”


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Although the game sounds simple it is not that easy to score above 20’s in this game. Some of the tricks I would recommend are to stay calm and use the nearest clear area while shifting to other wall.
Even though escape bird is free, after every death ad pops up which gets a bit annoying but to avoid that I recommend you to switch of internet connection that is your data or Wi-Fi and then play to avoid disturbance.


Even after such amazing features and gameplay this game has only 500 downloads as it has hit the Play Store recently. All this features do not need a big space of your device. It only needs 4 MB which is another plus point of this game. Game is rated to everyone and was last updated on 15th August and currently working on 1.2 version.

Overall I would prefer you to download it and try yourself as it is just of 4MB and works on all android devices. This game could be best while you want to crack your time waiting for bus or anyone. Keep tuned to above android and challenge your friends to compete with you by sharing this article

Download Escape Bird Arcade Game

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  • Trisha Todi

    This game consumes most of my time.. awsme game.. n ur review did justice to it.. 🙂