How To Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go?

Like every story has a Hero, For the Pokemon fan, Pikachu is one and everybody wants to catch it. Pikachu, Mesmerising Pokemon one always look for while playing Pokemon Go. But have you wondered of catching Pikachu as your first Pokemon into Pokemon Go? Well with this simple trick you can catch Pikachu in Pokemon go as your first Pokemon.


Since, the game has created so much hype and crossed many world records. There are some deadly and uncommon incident people faced while playing Pokemon Go. Also people on web going crazy and sharing their funny story of this game. But the best part, Pokemon Go fans from world searching for Pikachu like nothing other. Which ended up on googling about tips and tricks to get Pikachu.

Trick To Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go Fast

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Just in case if you have already caught your first Pokemon and started the game. Then this trick won’t work for you. You can go back and start with a new account, sign up with Google account or Pokemon Club. Once your are done with all setup. You will get three Pokemon option in starting i.e  Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur.

  1. Ignore, Say no to –  Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur as your first pokemon. Simply walk away, you may find these 3 Pokemon reappearing on the map. Just ignore again, it may appear 4 to 5 times as you walk.
  2. After walking away 5 to 6 times, you may find the 4th Pokemon option as Pikachu.
  3. Go-Go-Go, tap on Pikachu and throw poke ball to catch it.

So, now you got Pikachu with you, go out and catch ’em all. We hope this article might help you to Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go as your first character. Got something to say? comment below and share your views on finding Pikachu. Also comment to below to tell us your story to catching Pikachu. Hope you remember “Pikka Pikka”. Don’t forget to share this post on social media and help your friends to find one Pikachu for them. After all sharing is caring. Gotta Catch em\’ all.