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Nowadays playing a game is common enough. Everyone spends their time by playing some interesting games which include racing, puzzle and etc. Today, We at Above Android have found one amazing game which surely helps you to pass your time and have some great fun. I am going to talk about Colorzzle puzzle game. So let take a look what this game is exactly. Colorzzle is an award-winning puzzle game. In this puzzle game, you just have to grow flowers and trees by matching colors to complete the levels. Similar to other puzzle game, the aim is to place a block in specific order, by using the rainbow spectrum.


This game introduced a new mechanism for solving a puzzle, which includes reflecting mirrors, colored light beams, multi-colored rotatable blocks, and color-manipulating rainbows. Matching colors will make flowers and trees grow. Once you have all the tree and flowers are grown, then your’s puzzle is solved.

While solving a puzzle there is no time limit, so one can easily solve a puzzle by taking their own time. The game doesn’t provide any hint and also you can’t skip any stage.

Colorzzle has more than hundred stages for you to solve. Each stage becomes difficult than the last stage you have solved. The further level of Colorzzle puzzle includes switches, block rotating, and color matching rainbow. So you have to decide carefully and plan your moves ahead if you want to solve your puzzle quickly.

What are the Objects of Colorzzle Game?

Blocks: It is the main element of a game, you have to placed solid blocks in a correct position to grow plants and flowers. This blocks can be switch anywhere just by tapping them and even it can be moved if they already have grown plant or flowers on them. While placing color relationship blocks you have to stay focused. Many puzzles after level 60 are symmetrical, this will help you to lineup color relationship blocks more easily.

Pillars: Pillars of the puzzle are tall, and also a permanent section of pillars cannot be move. At the beginning of some level, placing a block in the puzzle will help you through the process of elimination.

Color Beams: If there are pillars which don’t have adjacent block then you will need to use a color beam to reach it. Aiming towards pillars first you have to set the direction, then aim towards second colors which help the beam to complete their mix.

Flips and Rotators: Some blocks in a game provides different color. So for those flip over, select which color will work best and also there is no limit on rotations. For rotating all of the blocks, you just need to line up all the colors for them to work well.

Mirrors: Mirrors on round tiles are permanent and cannot be moved, only it can be rotated by a direct beam. If the mirror is on a square it means that you have to move to another position. To use all mirrors in each level, you have to aim your beams to hit all of them.

Rainbow Blocks: The Rainbow block in a puzzle produces a plant or flowers when you share a side with a solid color block. You can get most of the plants out of your rainbow by placing a solid block in a position by touching as many rainbow blocks as possible.

Colorzzle is puzzle game with a minimal graphics and a decent soundtrack. There is no limitation of move or time to complete this puzzle game which has more than a hundred levels. This game is available for Android at a price of Rs. 60. But this game is free for 2 days without any in-app purchase. You can directly download Colorzzle from Google Play Store

. Do try this game and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.