5 Fun Android Games Released This Summer

Sometimes app stores change a little too quickly to keep up with. New apps are developed seemingly every few minutes, and it’s getting easier to gloss over the good ones without noticing. This is particularly true in gaming, where developers are always churning out new titles for the public to enjoy.


In case some of the latest efforts have passed you by, here’s a quick round-up of some of the better new Android games that were released this summer.

Flipping Legend

As mobile games go, this one is actually difficult to describe. It’s an adventure game set in a pixel-heavy environment where you bound about attacking enemies and collecting resources in a set grid, almost like a checkers board. One review called it an astounding take on a well-trodden genre (that of the endless runner with action components), and it feels like even more than that. There are also RPG components to the game, as you can pick different characters to play as and upgrade their abilities according to your progress.


Oxenfree is part of a growing trend of mobile games that focus mostly on environment and narrative. The idea is that you’re stranded on a creepy island with some friends, and you need to start investigating strange paranormal goings on. It takes a unique approach in that it almost feels like part of a coming of age story, whereas most similar games focus exclusively on spookiness. You can’t help but imagine a bigger, better version of Oxenfree while you’re playing, but that doesn’t mean this version isn’t plenty entertaining.

King Kong Cash

This is fundamentally a slot arcade, but it’s a lot of fun purely because of its design. Takes on the King Kong legend have grown increasingly dark and over-the-top. Here he’s more cartoonish, sort of like Donkey Kong, and seems to be having a quiet peaceful life, as one write-up put it. The slot reel is fairly typical, but the surrounding elements keep the game engaging. You also get to try to borrow some of King Kong’s hoarded riches in a special bonus game. Overall it\’s a nice take on a somewhat tired genre.


This one doesn’t require too much of a pitch, because it’s quite similar to some other successful games. So we’ll simply say that if you like experiences like Monument Valley or the “GO” games by Square Enix, you’re probably going to like this puzzle game. It has 36 levels, which makes for pretty extensive gameplay in a geometric puzzler.

Poly Bridge

This app is nothing similar in terms of concept, but the execution is excellent. It’s a bridge builder game where you’re presented with different levels and have to tap into your engineering instincts to design bridges that can span various gaps. It takes some getting used to, and can actually be fairly challenging, but in the end it’s the extent of the gameplay that makes the experience. As a review for the older Windows version put it, it has few flaws and a lot of playability

. That’s a simple overview, but it’s also exactly what you want to hear for the type of app game you’re going to keep on your phone.