4 Great Android Games to Play with Friend

Now more than ever, video game creators understand that players want to be able to connect with others while they play. Most games now incorporate some kind of interactive element that lets you share your experience with gamers near or far. Whether you’re in the same room or on different continents, there are plenty of Android games that you can enjoy together. So if you’re looking to go on an adventure with your pal, challenge them to a contest, or just have fun playing the same thing, you have lots of options. Here are 5 great Android games to play with friend


Here is the list of 4 great Android Games to play with Friend –

Trip to the casino, anyone? 

Online casinos are becoming hugely popular and now offer so many different ways to interact with other players. If you and your pals love to hit the casino but can’t make it to the physical place at the moment, why not take your fun online? Once you see how many choices you have, there’s no doubt that you’ll be wanting to stick around and check out the many jackpot games available on android, the best live dealer games, and plenty of other ways to get in on that gambling rush with your friends. 

Don’t forget about sports 

If you’re a big sports fan, you might be looking for other ways to scratch that particular itch at the moment. Thankfully, there are tons of great sports games available on Android. One of our top picks is Real Basketball. In this super dynamic basketball game you get to customize everything and really get involved in the visual aspect of your gaming experience. It is also easy to keep an eye on your stats (and everyone else’s), keeping the element of friendly competition fresh throughout. 

Host a trivia night 

Android offers several fun trivia games that you can play with friends to help keep your mind sharp. QuizUp is a great option that really encourages social interaction and even provides player forums where you can exchange your thoughts on various topics with others. Here you’ll find a host of different categories so you can tailor your quiz experience to something both you and your friends are interested in (and hopefully know a thing or two about). 

Take to the battlefield 

Looking for something that involves a little more direct combat? There are lots of games on Android that offer multi-player functions and will give you the chance to settle any remaining scores you have lingering with your pals. Old but still gold is Clash of the Clans, it has been around for a while with good reason. A top-down strategy game, this will feel familiar to any tower-defense game player and is a great way to get a whole swath of friends involved. Due to the fact that you can get so many people playing, it is also a fun idea if you’re looking to expand your social circle and get some new blood in on the action.