Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5 Comparison: Which is Better?

Nokia has announced its new Nokia 8 just last month, It has so many new things like Dual sight mode which can help you shoot from both rear and front cameras simultaneously. with just a touch of the button inside the camera app, you can able to live stream on Facebook and Youtube with the Native Integration. Nokia 8 also has  Nokia OZO spatial 360° audio which Gives better immersive sound with more clarity and loudness.


The Phone comes out of the box with Android 7.1.1 Nougat.The phone is selling at a price of Rs. 36,999 and Meanwhile The Oneplus 5 as you all know is also a Dual Camera phone, With much Higher specifications like Dash Charging and selling at almost Similar Price of Rs.37,999. Let’s compare both of them now!

DESIGN: Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5

The Nokia 8 has Gone through 40 stages of Machinery process with Anodizing and Polishing Techniques which is the reason behind such a Beautiful Aluminium  6000 series Body which perfectly fits in your hand. The result being the Phone completely shiny, Polished like a mirror and new with the Touch of the Scandinavian Design providing high-quality design and craftsmanship.

The Oneplus 5 has a metal unibody and the curved back is a pleasure to hold it in your hands.The phone feels like an iPhone 7 Plus Matte black and the resemblance is very much noticeable. But yes the Phone actually looks good. No doubt about it.

CAMERA: Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5

The legendary Nokia Camera Department which also came up with the best smartphone cameras in the world with the Nokia 808 Pure View,41 Mp Camera having ZEISS optics and also the Nokia 1020, the very same camera expertise have shown their skills in improving the Nokia 8 with 13 MP dual  rear cameras having both colour and monochrome sensors,. The front camera of Nokia 8 also has a wide-angle 13 MP camera with phase detection support.

  • Dual sight mode: we have seen this trick on Samsung Galaxy S4, Which returns with little improvements in this new name also along with the ability to record.It lets you use both front and back camera with split screen photos and videos.
  • Native Live Integration: The Inbuilt camera app has a Facebook live and Youtube Live native integration.

Meanwhile, the Oneplus 5 is also another dual camera smartphone. The regular sensor is a Sony IMX 398 with 16 megapixels and a f/1.7 lens and the other is a telephoto lens of over 20 megapixels Sony IMX350 sensor with a  f/2.6 aperture. The Oneplus 5 also has an Electronic Image Stabilization of its camera.Similar to iPhone 7 Plus, There is also a new Portrait mode which blurs the background.

 The camera also supports 4K video and the front camera has  16-megapixels which also has a Screen flash very similar to the Apple iPhones.

Unique Features: Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5

Nokia OZO is the Industry leading Technology widely being used by Hollywood filmmakers and Music Producers, which captures most minute details with immersive 360°audio when capturing the video to every detail possible.Nokia 8 shoots stunning 4K videos with Nokia OZO audio technology and when during the Audio Focus Mode it only records the subject noise and cuts off background noise.So with the Playback on the Nokia 8 having the 2k Display, the color looks great and clarity is perfect.

The Oneplus 5 has industry-leading fast charging technology without a Doubt and they call it as Dash Charging. It has the Fastest Charger Across all the phones. One of the unique things about this charger is It charges faster even when the screen is on.This is Noticeable when you run out of power while driving using the Google maps and you can connect the charger, Most of the other smartphones Charger won’t really work and charges faster when the screen is on. But this Pumps the same amount from 1% to 75% in no time.

The other coolest features of Oneplus 5 includes an RGB LED notification light which can be programmed to work based on apps. Choosing across a wide range of colors to glow. You can also customize Capacitive hardware keys or Choose the on-screen software keys.

HARDWARE: Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5

Nokia 8 and Oneplus 5 both of them are built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor, You could expect Applications to load faster and really long battery life. There is a problem with every Android Phone having the extreme heat when you stress the CPU to the maximum.Nokia has added a really long cooling pipe with graphite to dissipate the heat across the whole body of the phone. The Nokia 8 phone also has 4 GB of RAM to handle all necessary tasks and Has internal storage of 64 GB with 256 GB memory card support.Nokia 8 has 3090mAh battery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support. While the Oneplus 5 leads here with 128GB option and 8 GB RAM similarly priced. The Oneplus 5 has Dash Charging and a 3300 mAh (non-removable) battery.

SOFTWARE: Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5

The operating system that comes with Nokia 8 is Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box and Nokia Promises latest Security and Maintenance updates to keep the phone Running like New and More secure.It also has the preloaded Google Photos and Google assistant, which you know offers unlimited High-quality cloud storage for all your photos being backed up in Google Servers and the other Which is a Friendly Voice Assistant.


The Oneplus 5 has its own operating system which is based on Nougat and they call it as Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS has a plethora of features like Gaming Mode, Reading Mode, File Protection via Fingerprint with SecureBox. Oxygen OS also has Plenty of Oneplus Apps like the Oneplus Weather, Oneplus Community, Oneplus Launcher and Oneplus Gallery.You could even expect Android Oreo very soon.


Nokia 8 is priced at 36,999 rupees and has color options, which include Polished Blue, Tempered Blue, Steel and Polished Copper.The phone will also be sold on Amazon starting from October 14 and will also be available in Offline stores as well.

While the Oneplus 5 is already available for 32,999 rupees and 37,999 rupees for the 64 GB and 128GB, The color Options include Soft Gold, Slate grey, and Midnight Black.