Amazon Echo Dot Vs Google Home Mini : Complete Comparison

Buying a smart speaker is like buying groceries for your house, it’s that ‘Important’. On 4th October 2017, Google held an event in San Fransico and they launched a ton of products who’ll make their debut in a store near you this week and one of them was Google Home Mini.


The festival season is fast approaching and this is the best time to buy yourself or gift a loved one a smart speaker. Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot sales will boost up in the coming months, so which one do you buy? Let’s take a look.

Amazon Echo Dot Vs Google Home Mini


As you all know looks play a big part in each and every device. Google Home Mini gives access to a microphone mute button and volume button on the sides and they aren’t visible if viewed from the top.

Whereas, Amazon Echo Dot showcases four buttons on the top which are, mute wake up Alexa, or tweak the volume.

According to me, design wise I really find Google Home Mini better. The Google Home Mini kinda looks like a doughnut. Functional Design wise, Echo Dot wins all day long.

Volume :

Of course, Volume plays a big role in speakers, Home Mini blows away the Echo Dot in the recent tests. Max Volume on the Dot is almost as equal has half of the Mini.

Button placements for both the device are different. The Google Home Mini’s buttons are almost invisible. Finding the buttons can be a task if it’s the first time you are using it since they don’t light up until clicked on or until you say, “OK Google”. You can also turn up the volume by just asking them to raise it up.

Sound Quality :

The Quality in the sound differs from device to device. The Google Home Mini is a step or two ahead from the Echo Dot in terms of sound quality. You can hear the music and it’s quite crispy when compared to the somewhat muffled sound of the Dot.

If you play songs from both while keeping them aside you can notice that the Mini is actually not mini.

Home Automation :

Both of this gadgets do Home Automation wonderfully, but when it comes to compatibility Amazon Echo wins the battle. Amazon Echo Dot is compatible with a huge set of automation devices and it is having customer experience of more than 2 years in this field. Whereas Google has the advantage of Google Assistant which truly powerful AI engine.

Price :

Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot both are priced at $49 in US where Amazon Echo Dot is launched in India

just for Rs 3149 only. Both the devices do their share at this price as it is newly launched in India with huge discount on it. But the deciding factor is the kind of deals Google and Amazon bring to us.

More deals are likely to come in the near future. Which device would you buy? Do let us know by commenting down below.