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December 18, 2017

LG V30 Plus launched in India

LG Unveiled its V30 this year back in September. The V30 becomes the Follow up to the V20. Sadly V30 doesn’t have the secondary display anymore which the LG V Models are famous for. The secondary display has useful features and functionality. You could program your own buttons with the inbuilt tools. This is completely stripped away with the new LG V30. But the coolest thing about LG V models is featuring Quad DAC for better Audio which is still present on the LG V30.  LG has now released its LG V30 Plus Android phone for India with Improvements from V30.


The New LG V30 Plus has a 6.0 Inch P-OLED Display with a 18:9 Aspect Ratio.The screen of LG V30 Plus [...]

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September 30, 2017

LG Releases new Mosquito Repellent Smartphone, LG K7i Features, Release Date

I never thought I’d be writing about a mosquito repellent device, but here I am. Reportedly, LG’s new budget-oriented device will repel mosquitoes by using ultrasonic waves.

The LG K7i was launched recently at the India Mobile Congress this week, it is embedded with technology that claims to keep away mosquitoes. The device releases ultrasonic waves from a grid in the back of the device. The waves should repel pests and is safe for humans.



It’s not the first time LG has introduced a mosquito repellent device in their products, we have seen them in their Air Conditioners, TV’s and etc.

The [...]

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September 6, 2017

LG V30 Released: All You Need To Know

LG was greatly successful with its V20 from last year, providing great all-round features while not leaving a hole in the buyer’s pocket. This year, LG seems to have no signs of slowing down with the LG V30. The phone has lost all of its small and unnecessary features such as the secondary display and has improved in the design and the camera segment. Here is an overview of the phone


The phone seems to have improved a lot in the design segment. The phone has a curved glass back which looks quite identical to the LG G6. It can be seen as great improvement over previous versions which did not seem to have any major changes in terms of design. The front, according to [...]

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July 11, 2015

LG Wine Smart Android Flip Phone – Specs, Features and Price

Popular as LG Gentle in Korea is now exclusively available for world markets which includes France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Japan Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom with new name as ” LG Wine Smart”. Unfortunately its not available in India as of now, but we hope LG will launch this or any other flip styled android phone for Indian markets really soon. If you are interested in buying this clamshell phone, do let us via commenting below with your location.

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