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November 15, 2017

6 Most Common Android Lock Pattern That You Should Avoid

Android Security Pattern is one of the most commonly used method to protect your privacy on Android Phones. Unlike iOS, there are many ways in which you can unlock the screen in Android. Swiping your finger over few dots and connecting them can simply unlock your phone. It is not so easy as said, you must have tough security pattern that can’t be break by anyone. Let’s Check Six Most Common Android Security Pattern That You Should Avoid.

Pattern Lock with 3*3 cube can have up to 389,112 different combinations. Shocked? Yes, it’s true.

After studying 4,000 user-generated patterns, Marte Løge says that 77 percent of patterns in her study started from a [...]

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September 12, 2017

Android One: Great Initiative by Google

The well-thought initiative by Google to produce low-cost hardware and software for developing countries seem to be working well. This line of devices is collectively known as Android One. They operate under Android as the operating system and can do various operations like running regular apps and software. According to various Machine Learning Engineers from reputable companies, the Android One is a great initiative by Google which helps them in their daily work. So, what makes these devices so effective?

Cost effective phones

Android one has successfully launched its devices in India, Pakistan and many other Indian countries. According to the Asian region sales and [...]

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